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0.33b4 [Nicola Salmoria]


- Correctly hook up TMS5200 (there's a kludge in zaccaria_ca2_r to make it work)

- There seems to be a strange kind of DAC connected to 8910 #0 port A, but it sounds horrible so I'm leaving its volume at 0.

- The 8910 outputs go through some analog circuitry to make them sound more like real intruments.

- Some minor color issues (see vidhrdw)


- Driver by Nicola Salmoria and manual from Andrea Babich.

- There is a protection device which I haven't located on the schematics. It sits on bits 4-7 of the data bus, and is read from locations where only bits 0-3 are connected to regular devices (6400-6407 has 4-bit RAM, while 6c00-6c07 has a 4-bit input port).

- The 6802 driving the TMS5220 has a push button connected to the NMI line. Test?


- 28th April 2002: Karasu submitted a fix for cocktail mode in Jack Rabbit and Money Money.

- 0.33b4: Added zaccaria.c driver.