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0.36b4 [Olivier Galibert]


- Random 1-up notes still pop up in the world version (filtered temporarily)

- Mono/stereo softdip has no effect (xexex057gre_3, external mixing?)

- K053250 shows a one-frame glitch at stage 1 boss (DMA timing?)

- Stage 3 intro missing alpha effect (known K054338 deficiency)

- The stage 4 boss(tentacles) sometimes appears darker (palette update timing?)

- The furthest layer in stage 5 shakes when scrolling up or down (needs verification)

- Elaine's end-game graphics has wrong masking effect (known non-zoomed pdrawgfx issue)


- The game has many unemulated constant write accesses (see srcdriversxexex.c).

- The interface with the Konami 053247 is weird. The chip can address only 0x1000 bytes of RAM, but they put 0x8000 there. The CPU can access them all. Address lines A1, A5 and A6 don't go to the 053247.


- 0.36b4: Added xexex.c driver.