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0.31 [Zsolt Vasvari]


- Verify sprite colors in stinger/scion

- Background noise in scion (but not scionc). Note that the sound program is almost identical, except for three patches affecting noise period, noise channel C enable and channel C volume. So it looks just like a bug in the original (weird), or some strange form of protection.

- Wiz: Possible sprite/char priority issues. There is unknown device (Sony CXK5808-55) on the board. And the supplier of the screenshot says there still may be some wrong colors. Just before the break on Level 2 there is a cresent moon, the background should probably be black.


- Hardware: Wiz/Stinger/Scion/Kung-Fu Taikun boards are similar to a Galaxian board in the way it handles scrolling and sprites, but the similarities pretty much end there. The most notable difference is that there are 2 independently scrollable playfields.


- 30th July 2003: Acho A. Tang updated Scion/Stinger analogue sound framework.

- 30th November 2002: Added Kung-Fu Taikun. Note: "THE MICROPHONE IS OUT OF CONTROL, SO THIS GAME DEPENDS ON THE BUTTONS". There's no additional hw or connectors on the pcb (except for small (bit 0 - ON, bit 1 - ON) DSW near AY chips).

- 24th June 2001: Fixed protection and added save states (SJ).

- 0.34RC1: Merged stinger.c with wiz.c driver.

- 0.34b3: Added stinger.c driver (Nicola Salmoria).

- 0.31: Added wiz.c driver.