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WEC Le Mans 24

0.36b4 [Luca Elia]


- Press F2 to enter service mode.


- 0.78: Fixed input.

- 12th August 2003: Acho A. Tang re-submitted WEC Le Mans 24 sound banking.

- 21st January 2003: Acho A. Tang fixed sound banking bug in the Wec Le Mans 24.

- 0.62: Changed sound2 ($0) rom to sound1 ($20000).

- 0.61: Changed palettesize from 4096 to 2048 colors.

- 5th May 2002: David Haywood fixed the car sprite stuttering in Wec Le Mans 24.

- 0.60: Acho A. Tang fixed colors in Wec Le Mans and wrong graphics in Hot Chase. Changed palettesize from 2048 to 4096 colors.

- 29th April 2002: Acho A. Tang fixed another problem in the WEC Le Mans 24 colors.

- 27th April 2002: Acho A. Tang submitted a major improvement to the WEC Le Mans 24 driver, fixing the colors and fixing a lot of graphics glitches in it and Hot Chase.

- 0.36b16: Changed the 68000 CPU1/2 clock speed to 10MHz and added user1 rom (function unknown) and Added 'Demo Sounds' dipswitch..

- 26th October 1999: Luca Elia did a small fix to Wec Le Mans graphics, but colors aren't yet right.

- 0.36b4: Luca Elia added WEC Le Mans 24 (Konami 1986). Issues: Wrong colours (only the text layer is ok at the moment. Note that the top half of colours is written by the blitter, 16 colours a time, the bottom half by the cpu, 8 colours a time). Stray lines on sprites. The parallactic scrolling is sometimes wrong. One 32k ROM unused. Incomplete DSWs. No shadow sprites. Sprite ram is not cleared by the game and no sprite list end-marker is written. We cope with that with an hack in the Blitter but there must be a register to do the trick.

- 2nd September 1999: Luca Elia sent in drivers for Wec Le Mans 24 and Hot Chase, but Wec Le Mans is still a bit quirky.

ARCADE RELEASE: WEC Le Mans 24 (Konami) - 1986/Nov/28


Category: F1-3D

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LeMans 24

Romset: 2816 kb / 31 files / 1.09 zip