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World Beach Volley (set 1)

0.37b7 [Nicola Salmoria]


* Add sound (controlled by missing PIC16C57 MCU)


- World Beach Volley histogram functions don't work (original bug).

- World Beach Volley Japan stage: If look at the right size of the stage on the sidelines. You will see 3 volleyball fans are wearing invisible shorts. (or shorts that look the beach)... The white block has been verified to be arcade accurate (happens on the PCB). We have bought one (with Mame Italia funds) to dump the PIC and see if it's protected (see screenshot). Kold666


- 0.101u5: Removed 'Service Mode' dipswitch.

- 0.99u7: Corrado Tomaselli added clone World Beach Volley (set 2).

- 0.96u2: Changed VSync to 58Hz.

- 0.95: Changed sound1 rom to user2.

- 0.94u2: Nicola Salmoria fixed sprite/tile priorities in World Beach Volley. Also added rowscroll support, this fixes wbeachvl37b7gre. The bug wbeachvl37b16gre could be a genuine bug of the original - Nicola don't see how it could work otherwise. Added 'Service Mode' dipswitch.

- 0.78u2: Fixed pic16c57 rom address to $0.

- 0.69b: Changed MSM6295 clock speed to 7575 Hz.

- 0.37b7: Nicola Salmoria added World Beach Volley (Playmark 1995). TODO: Sound is controlled by a pic16c57 whose ROM is missing. Sprite/tile priority issue during attract mode (plane should go behind palm). The histogram functions don't seem to work.

- 31st August 2000: Nicola Salmoria sent in a driver for World Beach Volley, again without sound due to an undumped PIC chip.


Category: Volleyball

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Romset: 7300 kb / 16 files / 2.84 zip