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War Gods

0.63 [Aaron Giles]

HardDisk required


- 0.76u2: Aaron Giles update the Midway V-Unit driver and WarGods sound is 100% now (stereo). Also added some pre-initialization to the WarGods NVRAM.

- 8th December 2002: Aaron Giles added War Gods (with imperfect sound) and Off Road Challenge (with several in-game problems, but correct sound) to the V-unit driver.

- 11th November 2002: Guru - Received and dumped War Gods (Midway 1996, including 420M hard drive). Thanks Taucher.

Category: Fighter

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Romset: 160 kb / 3 files / 20.12 zip

Harddisk: 401.4 MB (Heads: 16, Cylinders: 988, Sectors: 52 - Compressed: 59.9)