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0.68 [Jarek Burczynski]


- Driver by Jarek Burczynski, Dox for donating the PCB and Highwayman for providing info on how to get to these epoxies (heat gun) and for info (very close one) on decoding.

- Hardware: Wall Crash has two expoxy blocks, the bigger Epoxy brick contains three standard 74LSxxx chips and is used as DATA lines decoder for all READS from addresses in range: 0..0x7fff. The pinout (of the whole brick) is 1:1 Z80 and it can be replaced with a plain Z80, given that decoded ROMS are put in place of WAC05 and WAC1/52. The smaller Epoxy contains: 5 chips (names sanded off...), 1 resistor: 120 Ohm, 1 probably resistor: measured: 1000 Ohm, 1 diode: standard 1N4148 (info from Highwayman), 4 capacitors: 3 same: blue ones probably 10n , 1 smaller 1.3n (measured by Highwayman). It's mapped as ROM at 0x6000-0x7fff but is NOT accessed by the CPU. It's also not needed for emulation.