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0.37b11 [Howie Cohen]


- Check others bits in coin counter

- Check other values in bnglngby irq

- Top Gun: cpu #0 (PC=00008016): unmapped memory byte read from 00007FFF ???


- Driver based on Brad Oliver's MESS implementation of the NES.

- Needed roms: Babel no Tou (Namco 198?), Family Boxing (Namco/Woodplace 198?), Family Stadium '87 (Namco 1987), Family Stadium '88 (Namco 1988), Family Tennis (Namco 198?), Japan version of Vs. Tennis (1984), Japan version of Vs. Soccer (1985), Japan version of Vs. Super Mario Bros. (1986), Madoula no Tsubasa (Sunsoft 198?), Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium (Namco 1986?), Quest of Ki (Namco/Game Studio 198?), Skate Kids (Two-Bit Score 198?; hack of Vs. Super Mario Bros.), Sky Kid (Namco 1985), Super Chinese Namco/Culture Brain 1988), Trojan (Capcom 1987), Urban Champion (1984), Volleyball (1986), Walkure no Bouken (Namco 198?), Wild Gunman (1984, light gun game) and Xevious.


- tkoboxng: This is unplayable. besides the flickering issue, it does not register coins inserted.

- duckhunt: On the Clay Pigeon stage (and only on this stage), when the dog appears to laugh at you when you miss, he is drawn in front of the status bar on his way to and from the bottom of the play area instead of behind it like he should be.

- excitebk and excitbkj: These have what could be described as inverted colors on track 5 and track 7 (see snapshot). Also, the only difference in color from one version to the other is on track 3. Lastly, the bug with the Nintendo sign still occurs, but only with the Japanese set during attract mode. With both sets, it also very briefly occurs after crossing the finish line, instead of ocurring throughout the whole track as before. Here is the bug as it appears in excitbkj during attract mode. It appears that it is entirely fixed with the Playchoice version. I noticed that excitbkj is different than excitebk in that excitbkj does not have instructions during attract mode as excitebk does. This difference might be helpfull in understanding why the bug occurs.

- vsgradus: In Vs. Gradius the ship flys behind the stars - Sprite priority problem.

- vsnes37b11gre Sports Dude / The tECHIDNA / gregf / labrat127 / Kurushimi / MASH / Richter_X / BSR

- vsslalom, machridr, possibly other vsnes.c driving games: In Slalom and Mach Rider the road has glitches (lines on the side) most visable when you make a turn. This is not correct (see snapshots). vsnes055gre Karasu

- smgolf, smgolfj, ladygolf: There is a misplaced line at the top of the screen (see snapshot) smgolf061gre DCisTHEbest

- vsskykid, vssoccer: vsskykid has wrong colors during level 7, text become gray, and bases are completely white. vsnesc062gre Kale

Possible Bugs:

- cstlevna, vsgradus, suprmrio, goonies: Black startup screens are now grey. I checked through older versions, it seems this started in MAME .53. vsnes_2055gre Karasu / Smitdogg


- 0.113: Aaron Giles fixed regression in Nintendo games that did not specify a clock for the NES APU.

- 0.111u5: Nathan Woods updated the Nintendo 2C03B PPU video driver to use the new BITMAP_ADDR* macros instead of using the line[] array.

- 0.109: Changed palettesize from 64 to 512 colors (2*8*4*16).

- 0.108u1: Major cleanup/rewrite of the NES PPU rendering code [Brad Oliver]. This should improve the accuracy of the NES-based games (playch10.c and vsnes.c). Report anything odd or broken at MAMETesters.

- 0.106u8: Aaron Giles added dualscreen support (2x 256x240) to the VSNES driver for Vs. Balloon Fight, Vs. BaseBall, Vs. Ice Climber Dual, Vs. Mahjang (Japan), Vs. Tennis and Vs. Wrecking Crew.

- 0.102u5: Rob Bohms fixed Playchoice/VSNES drivers.

- 0.102u4: Rob Bohms fixed some logical errors in sprite handling and palette reads, DMA timing and one invalid opcode in the NES drivers (playch10.c and vsnes.c).

- 0.90: Chaneman fixed the Vs. Stroke & Match Golf names.

- 0.81u9: Chack'n correct some VSNES rom filenames.

- 0.79u1: Chaneman fixed VSNES filenames.

- 0.78u5: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed Vs. Tennis Vs. and Mahjang (0.78u2 memory rewrite).

- 16th October 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Vs. Freedom Force and Vs. Super Xevious and update the driver.

- 0.74: Requisite changes to playch10 and vsnes to support Brad Oliver interrupt changes.

- 4th September 2003: Nathan Woods forwarded a small change to the interrupt handling in the PlayChoice-10 and VSNES from Brad Oliver.

- 0.66: Pierpaolo Prazzoli did make several improvements and games additions to the Nintendo VS and Playchoice drivers.

- 15th January 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli re-submitted some Playchoice and VSNES improvements.

- 24th December 2002: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added coin counter, Extra Ram in vstetris, Demo Sound in vsmahjng, fixed vsskykid inputs and protection in Vs. Super Xevious, corrected or checked dip-switches in Castlevania, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Gradius, Hogan's Alley, Ice Climber, R.B.I. Baseball, Slalom, Soccer, Super Mario Bros., Top Gun, BaseBall, Tennis, Stroke and Match Golf. And added Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack (Japan), Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun (Japan), Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay (Japan), Vs. Top Gun, Vs. Mach Rider (Japan, Fighting Course Version), Vs. Ice Climber (Japan), Vs. Gumshoe (partially working), Vs. Freedom Force (not working), Vs. Stroke and Match Golf (Men set 2) (not working) and Vs. BaseBall (Japan set 3) (not working).

- 28th July 2002: Angelo Salese fixed some color problems in the VSNES driver.

- 29th March 2002: Stephane Humbert updated some more dipswitch settings in the VSNES driver.

- 26th March 2002: Matthew Neja fixed the dipswitch settings in the VSNES driver.

- 16th November 2001: Angelo Salese submitted a VSNES driver update with some small bugfixes and fixed colors.

- 25th February 2001: Howie Cohen fixed the VSNES drivers that were broken in b12, and he added proper crosshair support.

- 4th February 2001: Howie Cohen sent in a VSNES driver update with Star Luster, several added clones and a few bug fixes and improved colors.

- 16th January 2001: Howie Cohen sent in an update to the VSNES driver, adding Platoon.

- 7th January 2001: Howie Cohen added VS Tetris to the VSNES driver.

- 6th January 2001: Howie Cohen fixed several bugs in the VSNES driver and added RBI Baseball, VS Baseball and VS Mahjong.

- 1st January 2001: Howie Cohen finally submitted the long awaited VSNES driver, with most of the games having correct colors and sound.