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Violent Storm (ver EAB)

0.68 [David Haywood]

0.67 [R. Belmont, Phil Stroffolino, Acho A. Tang]


- 0.68: Added Violent Storm (Europe ver EAB).

- 2nd May 2003: David Haywood added another version of Violent Storm to the Mystic Warriors driver.

- 0.67: Added Violent Storm (US ver UAB) and clones (Japan ver JAC) and (Asia ver AAC).

- 15th May 2002: Guru - R. Belmont loan his Violent Storm and Mystic Warriors PCBs.

- 30th March 2003: R. Belmont enabled the shadows in Konami System GX driver and tilemap alpha blending in the Mystic Warriors driver. David Haywood fixed flickering sprites in Metamorphic Force, graphics layer offsets in several games in both the Mystic Warriors and Konami System GX drivers. Acho A. Tang added the infrastructure support for 3 independent colored shadows/highlights as required by the Konami games, and he cracked the protection in Violent Storm. The improvements also allow Twinbee Yahhoo to be fully playable now.

- 12th March 2003: R. Belmont sent in an update to the Mystic Warriors driver, making Metamorphic Force playable with some graphics glitches, and making Violent Storm work somewhat but it still suffers from unemulated protection. Additionally, Ultimate Battler Dadandarn! worked already in yesterday's update but has major graphics glitches. Brian A. Troha and Guru fixed some ROM names in the Mystic Warriors driver.

- 11th March 2003: R. Belmont sent in a driver for Mystic Warriors hardware games supporting Mystic Warriors and Gaiapolis.

- 15th May 2002: Guru - Thanks to R. Belmont for a loan of his Violent Storm PCB.

LEVELS: 7 (must be finished twice)

Category: Street Fighter

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Romset: 17536 kb / 11 files / 8.24 zip