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Ace Driver: Victory Lap (Rev. ADV2, World)

0.74u2 [Phil Stroffolino]


- 0.104u2: Changed CPU2 from M37710 to M37702 (16384000 Hz) and added C74 M37702 sound MCU rom.

- 17th January 2006: R. Belmont - Phil Stroffolino was able to trojan and dump the BIOSes from the C71 3D math engine (actually a TMS32c025) and the C74 sound/inputs MCU (actually an M37702). He's already flying high with the C71 - using that code many long-standing graphics problems are now gone and several games that didn't work properly now work 100% (such as Ace Driver: Victory Lap).

- 0.86u1: Changed 68020 CPU1 clock speed to 24576000 Hz and the 2x TMS32025 to 49152000 Hz. Added 'Shift' and 'Motion Stop' dipswitch.

- 0.85u2: Changed all user2 roms to sound1.

- 0.81u8: Added 2x TMS32025 (48MHz) CPUs and changed cpu2 rom to cpu4.

- 0.75: Fixed dipswitches.

- 12th August 2002: Guru - Dumped Victory Lap (Namco 1995, System 22) and Phil Stroffolino presents a very preliminary screen shot of it.

Romset: 30249 kb / 35 files / 10.77 zip