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0.37b12 [Paul Hampson]


- Needs to be tilemapped. The background layer and sprite layer are identical to spdodgeb, except for the back-switched graphics roms and the size of the pallete banks.

- Someone needs to look at Naz's board, and see what PCM sound chips are present.

- And get whatever's in the dip package on Naz's board. (BG/FG Roms, I hope)

- I'd also love to know whether Naz's is a bootleg or is missing the story for a different reason (US release?)

- IRQ & NMI code is totally guessed, and needs to be solved properly

- X Line Scrolling doesn't work 100% when Flip Screen Dip is set

- 2 Player Version - Dips for difficulty don't seem to work or just need more testing

- 2 Player Version - Can't figure out how the speech hardware is working... pretty sure it's not using an oki6295 like the US version, need confirmation from the person that dumped the 2 player roms.

- 2 Player Version - sound ROM is different and the adpmc chip is addressed differently. Changed it to use a rom that was dumped from original PCB (readme below), this makes the non-working ROM not used - i don't know where it come from.


- The sound system comes all but verbatim from Double Dragon.

- vball2pj - The original has the image data stored in a special ceramic embedded package made by Toshiba with part number 'TOSHIBA TRJ-101' (which has been dumped using a custom made adapter) there are a few bytes different between the bootleg and the original (the original is correct though!).


- 12th November 2000: Paul Hampson submitted an almost perfect US Championship V'Ball driver, only some sound problems remain.