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0.94u2 [Phil Bennett]

0.57 [Luca Elia]


- Sound: 2x 2149 (AY-8910 compatible) + 8253 Timer

NOTES for TX-1:

- ROM dumps incomplete.

- Arithmetic unit/interface not implemented.

- Several sound related things are guessed (I don't have the relevent schematic sheet or an actual PCB to verify).

NOTES for Buggy Boy:

- Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy and the copyrights are changed via wire jumper on the sound PCB.

- Fiddle with dipswitch 'Do Not Change 2' to skip errors if necessary.

- The 3-monitor version of Buggy Boy is not fully dumped (will be taken care of).

- Arithmetic unit/interface not fully implemented/understood.

- Road hardware emulation is lacking.

- Object drawing is not fully understood (scale parameters and end of line/sprite flags especially).

- Discrete sound emulation is not implemented.

- Character layer scrolling is not implemented.

- Layer mixing is incorrect.

- Buggy Boy controls don't work correctly.

- At some point the slave CPU writes F0 to EVERY 15th memory location. Hmmm. (see PC=fc630)

- Without ROM patches, the game hangs on bootup (sometimes giving error 22): Z80->8086 communication timeout. The Z80<->Main CPU comms needs work (although they work fine during the game).


- 0.94u2: Changed spdbuggy.c to tx1.c driver.

- 0.57: Added spdbuggy.c driver.