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0.104u7 [Guru]


* Arithmetic unit/interface not implemented

* Several sound related things are guessed

* Two EPROMs were damaged (if you have a TX-1 PCB with ROM labels like 'TX1 19B' or 'TX1 5A' contact Guru)


- A short movie of TX-1 is at


- 0.106u10: David Haywood added multiscreen support (3x 256x256) to TX-1.

- 0.104u7: Guru added TX-1.

- 10th March 2006: Guru - I finally got around to dumping the TX1 board I have. Here you can see the pile of ROMs from the PCB... I dumped the PROMs and you will probably see them added to MAME soon. All of the PROMs and most of the EPROMs were soldered into the PCB on this version, so the dump wasn't a simple one. Unfortunately, two of the EPROMs were damaged (most of their microfine wires were severed from the pins to the die because the top of the chip has come loose/off) and they fell apart into 1000 pieces when they were removed from the board. Double unfortunately, most of the ROMs on this PCB Ident as unknown also! So, we're still looking for a good TX1 board that does not have Atari labels. If you have a TX-1 PCB with ROM labels like 'TX1 19B' or 'TX1 5A' and want to help out, please contact me!

Romset: 312 kb / 44 files / 104.9 zip