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Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission

0.73 [Tomasz Slanina]


- 0.108u3: Robzia improved offsets of the "normal spites" in the SSV games Twin Eagle II, Ultra X Weapons and Dyna Gear.

- 0.81u7: Olivier Galibert cleanup the SSV driver, added DSP emulation and makes Twin Eagle II playable.

- 18th April 2004: Olivier Galibert emulated the DSP in the SSV system, which is used by Drift Out '94 and Twin Eagle 2. David Haywood fixed the sprite placement in Twin Eagle 2.

- 29th August 2003: Tomasz Slanina fixed the interrupts and register layout in the V60 CPU core, making Ultra X Weapons run (with graphics glitches) along with Twin Eagle 2 (unplayable due to unemulated protection).

- 28th January 2003: Brian A. Troha fixed the dipswitch settings in Twin Eagle 2, though it still doesn't work.

- 2nd December 2001: Luca Elia sent in a driver for SSV games, including Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy, Drift Out '94, Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryorioh CooKing, Mahjong Hyper Reaction 2, Monster Slider and Survival Arts. Twin Eagle II, Mahjong Hyper Reaction, Super Real Mahjong PIV and Super Real Mahjong P7 don't work due to V60 CPU core bugs.

LEVELS: 9 (3 areas x 3 stages)

Category: Helicopter

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Romset: 24576 kb / 12 files / 12.49 zip