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Twin Action

0.103u2 [Luca Elia, David Haywood]


- To enter the hidden test mode press both P2 buttons during boot, then P1 button 1 repeatedly.


- 0.109u1: Fixed tilemap dimension in Twin Action.

- 0.105u4: Changed 'Bombs?' dipswitch to 'Difficulty'.

- 0.103u2: Added Twin Action (Afega 1995).

- 8th January 2006: David Haywood - Luca recently added support for Twin Action, but it wasn't working; it reset when you hit the fire button and the player sprite was invisible. That behavior reminded me a lot of a previous game I'd look at, US AAF Mustang, actually the whole game did right down to the parallax scrolling sprites for the ground. Sure enough comparing the Afega and NMK16 drivers revealed that Afega had copied most of the NMK hardware and that Twin Action was nothing but a bootleg of US AAF Mustang. By using the same protection patches as used for Mustang (with some slight adjustmenets to compensate for code being moved about), Twin Action started working.

- 8th January 2006: Luca Elia - Twin Action from korean Afega, that I've added as non working to the afega.c driver. Only the attract mode works, while playing you are invisible and off screen. (Haze correctly points out this must be a bootleg of US AAF Mustang, which is also protected and not working).

LEVELS: 8 (endless)

Romset: 2336 kb / 9 files / 643 zip