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0.100 [David Haywood]


- Bootleg sound is not quite correct yet (Nothing on bootleg 2). At least one of the bootlegs uses a protected PIC to drive the OKI.

- If you reset the game while pressing START1 and START2, "VER 0.00 JAPAN" is put into tile ram then MAME crashes!

- Sometimes a garbage sprite gets left after the SemiCom logo in Hatch Catch - other semicom games on different hw do this too, might just be a bug in their code.

- MuHanSeungBu: Unfinished Test Mode, Hangs with black screen, same as a real PCB.

- Jumping Pop: Jumping Pop is a complete rip-off of Tumble Pop, not even the levels have been changed, it simply has different hardware and new 8bpp backgrounds!

- Pang Pang: You can't select anything except the first stage on the 'select a stage' screen. If you get a high score then your entry in the high-score table will be corrupt. There is a chance that both of these are bugs of the original game, it is just a cheap hack of Tumble Pop afterall. The board doesn't work so it's impossible to test. The sound is driven by a read-protected PIC, as is the case with the tumblepb2 bootleg. I've simulated the sound in tumbleb2 and am using the same simulation code in pangpang, although pangpang has a few extra sounds which are not mapped. As the board does not work the accuracy of the sound simulation cannot be verified.


- 0.113u4: Brian Troha cleaned up and more heavily documented the tumbleb driver.

- 0.111u4: stephh improved dipswitches in the tumbleb.c driver.

- 0.100: David Haywood splitted driver into tumblep.c and tumbleb.c. tumblep.c runs the original Tumble Pop sets and use now using deco16ic.c for the gfx. tumbleb.c runs the bootlegs and games which use hardware which works in a similar way to tumble pop (semicom titles etc.).