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0.63 [MooglyGuy]


- Verify connections of the two PIAs. I only hooked up a couple of ports but there are more.

- Check how the score is displayed. I'm quite sure that tugboat_score_w is supposed to access videoram scanning it by columns (like btime_mirrorvideoram_w), but the current implementation is a big kludge, and it still looks wrong.

- Colors might not be entirely accurate.


- The problem which caused the controls not to work before 0.69u3: There is a counter at $000b, counting up from $ff to 0 or from $fe to 0 (initial value depends on game level). It's increased in main loop, and used for game flow control (scrolling speed, controls etc). Every interrupt, when (counter&3)!=0 , there's a check for left/right inputs. But when init val was $ff (2nd level), the condition 'counter&3!=0' was always false - counter was reloaded and incremented before interrupt occurs.