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Turkey Shoot

0.35b6 [Michael Soderstrom]


- The first time you run the game, it will say 'factory settings restored'. Press F2 to proceed.

- Press F2 for Test-Mode

- Press F1 + F2 for Bookkeeping/Setup


- 0.106u1: Changed input from lightgun to stick.

- 0.95u3: Changed M6808 CPU2 clock speed to 1MHz, visible area to 276x240, palettesize to 1024 colors and gfx1 roms addresses.

- 0.36b7: Aaron Giles fixed Turkey Shoot.

- 0.35b6: Michael Soderstrom added Turkey Shoot (Williams 1984).

- 9th March 1999: Michael Soderstrom has finally sent in the newest Williams driver with added support for Mystic Marathon, Turkey Shoot, Inferno and Joust 2.


- The year is 1989, one year after the great gobble blight which plagued the wolrd. One third of earth's populace was transformed into turkeys by the ailment. The side effect of turkey transformation is a tendency toward violence and comradery between these turkeys to organize for rabble-rousing in the urban areas. In February of '89, a group of specially trained agents (the Turkey Terminators) was formed for the sole task of destroying the turkey menace. As a terminator, you must be mentally and physically prepared for a series of missions complimentary to your skills. Good luck and strength to you!


- As a Turkey Terminator, you will be given 100 missions. All turkeys must be eliminated to succeed.

- A mission is "fouled up" if a turkey escapes, or any innocent bystander is damaged. You are allowed 3 foul ups.

- Protect these people: 'blue' man, woman and police

- Presenting the villains: The thug turkey (500 pts), the pilot turkey (500), the boss turkey, the cyborg-mechanoturkey

- Sight your enemy and shoot! Lauch a grenade when lit. Gobble button may be used only once per mission. Take careful aim if a hostage is taken.

Category: Shooting 2

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Romset: 156 kb / 21 files / 73.5 zip