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Tron (8/9)

0.28 [Christopher Kirmse, Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria, Brad Oliver]


- In Tron, during the tank stage, a square sprite appears on the far right on the top. This is not a bug. See here for a scan of the flyer to prove this.


- 0.98u1: Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 2496000 Hz and coins input.

- 0.87u3: MASH added clones Tron (set 3) and (set 4).

- 26th January 2003: Stephane Humbert added a few different versions of Tron to the MCR-2 driver.

- 0.34: Juergen Buchmueller fixed bug in the Z80 emulator which caused crashes in Tapper and Tron.

- 0.34b4: Nicola Salmoria added clone Tron (set 2).

- 0.31: 'Dial Joy Inc' can now be properly set in Tron [Brad Oliver].

- 0.28: Added Tron (Bally Midway 1982). Press F2 before initial screen to configure.

LEVELS: 4 (endless)


- Map of game grid: Tron consists of 4 games. Each colored area represents a game. Select an area by moving to the outside edge of the circle before the timer inside the center of the circle expires. Upon successful completion of a game in an area the area can not be reentered until all areas have been conquered.

- Tank game: Destroy all enemy tanks. Each enemy must be hit 3 times to be destroyed.

- Cycle game: Touching a wall or light trace destroys a cylce. Make light paths which force the yellow cylcle into the walls and light traces. Use trigger for speed control.

- IO tower game: Enter the IO tower before the timer expires. Touching a grid bug results in tron derez. The timer value is awarded as a bonus when the player enters the tower.

- MCP games: Enter the Master Control Program cone without touching a block. Remove blocks by striking with the disk.

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Movie: Tron

Genre: Computer Hi-Tek

Year: USA 1982

Director: Steven Lisberger

Studio: Walt Disney

Cast: Jeff Bridges, David Warner, Bruce Boxleitner, Barnard Hughes, Cindy Morgan, Peter Jurasik

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Minesweeper (4-Player)



Romset: 109 kb / 16 files / 47.2 zip