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Triple Hunt

0.61 [Stefan Jokish]


- The first time you run the game, it will say 'AIM GUN AT SQUARE AND FIRE'. Calibrate your gun and start game with F2.


- 0.112u4: Derrick Renaud added PORT_CROSSHAIRs to Triple Hunt.

- 0.110u2: Derrick Renaud added support for the Triple Hunt 8-track audio. Added Samples sound and samples (bear_rac and witch.wav).

- 28th July 2006: Guru - Triple Hunt including artwork/bezels (Atari 1977) and other games just arrived in 2 huge boxes. I think most of these are just for fixing issues in MAME (snd/gfx etc). Big thanks to Tingoes.

- 0.106u1: Changed input from lightgun to stick.

- 0.103u1: Derrick Renaud and Stefan Jokisch hooked up sound effects in Triple Hunt.

- 0.103: Stefan Jokisch fixed Triple Hunt to use RAM mirroring for zero page memory.

- 0.80u2: Derrick Renaud updated Triple Hunt to use Aaron's DISCRETE_ADJUSTMENT changes.

- 0.80: Derrick Renaud added component value discrete sound, but have not figured out Shot and Bear Roar video memory locations. These are needed to make sound effects work.

- 2nd May 2002: Stefan Jokisch sent in a driver for Triple Hunt, although it lacks artwork, sound emulation and samples.

Category: Shooting

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Romset: 13 kb / 12 files / 6.35 zip