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Track & Field

0.30 [Chris Hardy]


- To have the high score table properly initialized, the first time you run the game you should go into the dip switch menu, set World Records to Erase on Reset, reset the game (F3), and the set the dip switch backto Don't Erase.


- 0.88u5: Thierry Lescot fixed rom filenames in clone Hyper Olympic.

- 0.87u3: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added clone Atlant Olimpic.

- 11th April 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs in the Track 'n Field driver.

- 0.58: Full VLM5030 sound emulation. Samples are no longer needed.

- 22nd January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed the noise generator in the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, completely removing the need for samples.

- 21st January 2002: Tatsuyuki Satoh submitted a new, much improved version of the VLM5030 sound chip emulation, used for speech in (Super) Punch-Out and a few other drivers. It is now more than 90% accurate to the original, and only a few small problems remain.

- 1st April 2000: Guru - Dumped Track 'n Field (Bootleg).

- 0.34b7: Nicola Salmoria added clone Track & Field (Centuri).

- 0.34b3: Nicola Salmoria added ADPCM sample playback to the bootleg Hyper Olympic.

- 0.34b2: David Winter added clone Hyper Olympic (bootleg), which uses ADPCM samples instead of speech synthesys. Currently Hyper Olympic (bootleg) uses the sound ROMs and sound driver from the original version, it doesn't emulate the real board ADPCM samples since one ROM is missing.

- 0.33b7: Changed description to 'Track & Field' and 'Hyper Olympic'.

- 0.33b6: Tatuyuki Satoh fixed bug in VLM5030 emulator which caused samples not to work.

- 0.31: The first time you play Track'n Field and Hyper Sports the high scores are automatically initialized to the default. Your old high scores will NOT be be lost here.

- 0.30: Chris Hardy added Track'n'Field (Konami 1983) and clone Hyper Olympics (Konami 1983). Based on drivers from Juno First emulator by Chris Hardy.

LEVELS: 6 (endless)

ARCADE RELEASE: Hyper Olympic (Konami) - 1983/Oct

Category: Sports

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Romset: 113 kb / 17 files / 63.2 zip