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0.37b10 [Jarek Burczynski]


- Verify 68000 clocks

- I don't know about the MSM5205 playback frequency, I set it to 4kHz because otherwise the samples plays at the beginning of a game would play past the end. The samples are stopped by the Z80, they don't stop automatically. So, if they should play at a higher frequency, the Z80 should stop them sooner - which would mean a higher interrupt rate, therefore a higher YM2151 clock rate.

- I haven't found how the second MSM5205 ROM is selected (I haven't even found when samples from that ROM should be played)

- Many unknown writes from the Z80: c000, c400, c800, cc00, d000, d200, d400, d600, b400.

- Accel and brake bits work differently depending on cab DSW MAME cannot yet support this, so accel/brake are not hooked up sensibly when upright cabinet is selected.

- The 8 level brake and accel inputs for the cockpit version should be mapped to a pedal for analogue pedal control. (Warlock did this but his changes need remerging.)

- Minor black glitches on the road: these are all on the right hand edge of the tilemap making up the "left" half: this is the upper of the two road tilemaps so any gunk will be visible.

- 'Tearing' effect between the two road tilemaps is visible when single-stepping. A sync issue?

- Loads of complaints from the Taito sound system in the log.

- CPUA (on all variants) could have a spin_until_int at $63a.

- Motor CPU: appears to be identical to one in ChaseHQ.

- DIPs


- Driver based on Rastan driver, MAME Taito F2 & Z drivers and Raine source.

- Top Speed / Full Throttle is the forerunner of the Taito Z system on which Taito's driving games were based from 1988-91. (You can spot some similarities with Continental Circus, the first of the TaitoZ games.)


- Driver needs PORT_BIT_IMPULSE.


- 18th January 2001: David Graves added proper sprite flipping support to Top Speed, fixing the round tunnel entrance graphics.

- 4th January 2001: Gerardo Oporto fixed dipswitches in the Top Speed driver.

- 3rd December 2000: David Graves sent in a Taito multiscreen driver update with some bugfixes and he sent in a driver for Top Speed / Full Throttle.