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Top Secret (Exidy) (version 1.0)

0.35b4 [Aaron Giles]


* Correct video emulation


- Problem with scrolling at the bottom of the screen. The bottom of the screen contains info that's about to appear at the top of the screen. It either should be at the top, or hidden (see snapshot). topsecex37b5gre YMI / TriggerFin / Pi

- There are grey tiles around the title in the original pcb and the bootleg too. I checked both of them (see screenshot). Kold666

- There are grey tiles around the title in the original pcb and the bootleg too. It looks very ugly, but it's the right behaviour. topsecrt0109gre1 Kold666

- At the end of level 2 the background gets darker and darker until it becomes black in mame. On the pcb it stops when it's dark blue. topsecrt0109gre2 Kold666


- 0.113u4: Exidy 440 driver update [Zsolt Vasvari]: Added video timing from schematics. Added the 9 timing PROMs to the ROMsets. All the games appear to use the same timing PROMs with the exception of Top Secret, which sets the VBLANK 4 pixels earlier. This fixes the game graphics, but cuts of the very bottom row of the year display on the title screen. It's most likely a real issue in the game, as tweaking the behavior adds garbage pixels to all the other games. Changed visible area to 320x236.

- 25th April 2001: Ian Patterson fixed the scrolling in Top Secret.

- 0.36b5: Changed palettesize to 257 colors.

- 0.35b4: Aaron Giles added Top Secret (version 1.0) (Exidy 1986).

- 27th February 1999: Aaron Giles sent in new Exidy 440 drivers with support for Chiller, Hit 'N Miss and Top Secret in addition to the old ones.


Category: Action

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Romset: 411 kb / 60 files / zip