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Toppy & Rappy

0.104u8 [David Haywood]


- 0.104u9: David Haywood fixed Toppy & Rappy - Game now playable. Renamed (tappyrap) to (toppyrap). Added protdata.bin, this contains the code for 2 of the IRQ functions, but the game only uses one of them, the other is executed from ROM. The version in ROM is slightly patched version so maybe there is an earlier revision which uses the code provided by the MCU instead. Added dipswitches 'Lives', 'Time', 'God Mode' and 'Internal Test'.

- 0.104u8: Added Tappy & Rappy (SemiCom 1996).

- 31st March 2006: David Haywood - Thanks to some help from Corrado Tomaselli / Mame Italia Forum another Semicom game, Toppy and Rappy is now working in MAME. The Final Boss is Hyper Pacman.

LEVELS: 50 (10x5)

Category: Platform 2

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Romset: 2817 kb / 10 files / 830.6 zip