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Top Gunner (Exidy)

0.99u1 [Mathis Rosenhauer]


- 0.113u3: Derrick Renaud fixed analog controls by adding back a faux VBLANK timing in Top Gunner.

- 0.102: Mathis Rosenhauer added 8254 PIT emulation with state saving to Top Gunner and updated the vector hardware.

- 0.100u3: Mathis Rosenhauer improved speed in Top Gunner by pre-decoding the vector processor microcode. Also added a shift register to produce the LCD-like look of the score and other numbers.

- 0.99u8: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed spurious vectors in Top Gunner.

- 0.99u1: Mathis Rosenhauer added Top Gunner (Exidy 1986).

Category: Airforce 3D

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Romset: 241 kb / 43 files / 130 zip