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0.31 [Jarek Parchanski, Richard Bush, Romek Bacza]


- Does the bootleg use a 68000 @ 10MHz ? This causes some bad slowdowns at the floating monkey machine (round 1), so set to 12 MHz for now. Even at 12 this slowdown still happens a little.


- Coin inputs are handled by the sound CPU, so they don't work with sound disabled. Use the service switch instead.


- All games: The sound when killing an ape that comes out of the ground is wrong. In all sets. Also the sound when you jump on a device with a 10-ton weight on the other side is missing. Update: When Toki dies there is a missing sound also. Update: Verified on a real PCB: The voice samples that are played correctly seem to be played slightly too fast. Also, the volume on the MSM6295 should be increased to at least 80-85% (the real thing is pretty loud). Don't know if anyone noticed this but the sound for killing the long armed green goblin (various levels)/fire bird(Level 3)/White devil guy with pitchfork (Levels 2 and 3) is actually swapped around with the 10-ton weight sound and vice versa. When you jump on the weight, you can hear something. Turn up the sound a bit. Sort of a slimy sound. Update: tokib isn't affected by this bug. All sounds are played correctly. tokic060gre Styxken / |Maccy| / Nick / BMF54123 / AS / Mamesick


- 30th May 2002: David Graves fixed a crash in the Toki driver.

- 7th June 2001: Bryan McPhail and David Graves fixed and cleaned up the Toki driver.

- 0.31: Added toki.c driver.