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0.33b1 [Alex Pasadyn, Nicola Salmoria, Jeff Slutter, Howie Cohen]


- glfgretj is in worse shape than glfgreat, the latter is at least playable, the former hangs.

- glfgretj uses a special controller. 1 "shot controller (with stance selection button on the top of it)" and 3 buttons for shot direction (right/left) and club selection. Twist the "shot controller" to adjust shot power, then release it. The controller returns to its default position by internal spring.

- prmrsocr: When the field rotates before the penalty kicks, parts of the 053936 tilemap that shouldn't be seen are visible. Maybe the tilemap ROM is banked, or there are controls to clip the visible region (registers 0x06 and 0x07 of the 053936) or both.

- Is IPT_VBLANK really vblank or something else? Investigate.

- Some slowdowns in lgtnfght when there are many sprites on screen - vblank issue?

Uncertain Bugs:

- Detana!! Twin Bee's remaining sprite lag does not appear to be emulation related. While these common one-pixel lags are very obvious on VGA-class displays they're virtually invisible on TV and older 15kHz arcade monitors.

- TMNT2: "BIG APPLE, 3 AM" is not played in the first loop. I believe it's a design decision because it'll cut into the last intro dialogue. The game looks up sound codes of these prologue lines from two different tables. One for the first loop and the other for any loop thereafter. The SNES port plays it everytime probably because it has no intro speech. If the real board turns out otherwise I have no idea how to fix it except patching the first table.

- TMNT: In the sewer level when purple foot soldiers jump out of the water they turn white for a short moment. The color index is copied straight form ROM and nothing unusual is found in that part the code. There is no known protection in this game so this bug may need reconfirmation.


- Driver contains several Konami 68000 based games. For the most part they run on incompatible boards, but since 90% of the work is done by the custom ICs emulated in vidhrdw/konamiic.c, we can just as well keep them all together.

- Golfing Greats has a peculiar way to know where the ball is laying: the hardware latches the color of roz pixel at the center (more or less) of the screen, and uses that to determine if it's water, fairway etc.


- Error messages in drivers/tmnt.c: static READ16_HANDLER( ssriders_protection_r ): ssrdrabd, ssrdrebc, ssrdrebd, ssrdrjbd, ssrdruac, ssrdruad, ssrdruda and ssriders. messages056ora stephh / almightyjustin


- 4th November 2003: Fixes to the inputs and visible area in some games.

- 0.76u2: Some twin16.c / tmnt.c cleanups, fg layer converted to tilemaps.

- 11th August 2003: Acho A. Tang fixed the remaining protection-related problems in Sunset Riders and TMNT 2, graphics glitches and sprite lags in the other games in the TMNT driver.

- 0.72: R. Belmont cleaned up the tmnt.c driver.

- 20th October 2002: Guru adjusted the speed in the TMNT driver.

- 7th March 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed the input ports in the TMNT driver.

- 29th September 2000: Nicola Salmoria improved the Sunset Riders protection workaround.

- 0.37b2: Ernesto Corvi fixed adpcm decoding in the K053260, this improves several Konami games.

- 19th December 1999: Nicola Salmoria sent in a driver for Thunder Cross 2, and then quickly fixed its sound too.

- 25th October 1999: Chackn fixed the dipswitches in Trigon.

- 27th August 1999: Nicola sent in a driver for Detana!! Twin Bee.

- 22nd July 1999: Nicola Salmoria sent in a preliminary driver for Lightning Fighters, but it isn't working yet.

- 0.33b1: Added tmnt.c driver.