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Time Pilot

0.12 [Nicola Salmoria, Mike Cuddy, Alan J. Mccormick]


- 0.93: Added audio RC_Filter.

- 0.79u1: Added clone Time Pilot (Atari).

- 20th January 2004: Chris Hardy added an Atari version of Time Pilot.

- 21st January 2001: Nicola Salmoria added accurate sprite multiplexing emulation to Time Pilot and Gyruss.

- 22nd August 1999: Nicola fixed Time Pilot graphics.

- 0.35b8: Changed Z80 CPU clock speed to 1.789772 MHz.

- 18th March 1999: Zsolt Vasvari has added RC filter functions to all the games which use the Time Pilot sound board (early Konami games like Time Pilot, Pooyan, etc).

- 12th March 1999: Nicola Salmoria converted Time Pilot to tilemap system and fixed a few bugs along the way.

- 0.34b7: Nicola Salmoria added clone Time Pilot (Centuri).

- 0.31: Jim Hernandez fixed music tempo and pitch in Time Pilot.

- 0.29: Edward Massey fixed clouds in Time Pilot.

- 0.22: Time Pilot has now 100% correct colors (thanks Alan J. McCormick!).

- 0.18: Some changes to music tempo in Time Pilot.

- 0.16: To solve the problem with garbled text messages in Time Pilot, modified the GameDriver structure replacing letters_start and numbers_start with the array charset[36].

- 0.15: Sound support in Time Pilot.

- 0.14: Hiscore save in Time Pilot.

- 0.12: Nicola Salmoria added Time Pilot (Konami 1982) and Space Pilot (bootleg). The games runs on the same hardware as Pooyan. Colors come straight from Mike Cuddy's emulator. Issues: The ROM copyright message and the dipswitch menu are unreadable. Time Pilot doesn't have consecutive letters in the graphics ROms, Nicola will have to modify his text routines to handle that. This game uses double-width sprites for the clouds, but Nicola haven't yet figured out they are selected. The code is currently a hack - just double the sprites which Nicola know are used for clouds. The memory mapped read port at c000 puzzles Nicola.

ARCADE RELEASE: Time Pilot (Konami) - 1982/Nov

LEVELS: 5 (endless)

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* Retrocade

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Romset: 53 kb / 11 files / 27.7 zip