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Time Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.B)

0.78u1 [Guru]

0.74u2 [Guru]


* Protection. Only the clone works


- 0.107u1: Luigi30 and Nomax changed dipswitch 'DIP4-8' to 'Service Mode'.

- 0.100u1: R. Belmont added real MCU-managed controls and coinage for Time Crisis.

- 0.99u8: Phil Stroffolino minor tweaked Time Crisis to fix crash. Fixed sound1 rom address to ($800000).

- 0.99u7: Fixed sound1 rom address to ($800000) in clone Time Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.A).

- 0.85u2: Added M37710 (16Mhz) CPU4 and C352 stereo sound. Changed cpu4 rom to user4 and all user2 roms to sound1.

- 10th May 2004: Phil Stroffolino corrected the polygon layer scaling in Time Crisis.

- 0.82: Phil Stroffolino make clone Time Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.A) playable with some gun aiming problems? (or is it just a calibration issue?).

- 0.81u8: Added 2x TMS32025 (48MHz) CPUs, changed cpu2 rom to cpu4 and fixed dipswitches.

- 0.78u1: Added Time Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.B).

- 3rd January 2004: Guru added Time Crisis Ver.B to the Namco Super System 22 driver, but it doesn't work.

- 0.75: Added missing cpu2, user2 and gfx1-4 roms.

- 0.74u2: Added Time Crisis (Rev. TS2 Ver.A).

- 15th February 2003: Guru - Time Crisis (Rev B) program ROMs arrived from Mr. F.

- 5th February 2003: Guru - Time Crisis (Namco 1996, Namco Super System 22) arrived from Olivier Galibert.

Romset: 44560 kb / 33 files / 15.9 zip