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0.108 [Eugene Sandulenko]


- Use machine/pit8253.c in sound.

- Check sprites priorities on the real hardware.

- Check background scrolling on the real hardware.

- What charset control is used for?


- Driver by Eugene Sandulenko.Special thanks to Shiru for his standalone emulator and documentation.

- This is one of the last USSR-made arcades. Several games are known to exist on this hardware. It was created by the state company Terminal (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), which was later turned into EXTREMA-Ukraine company. These days it manufactures various gambling machines (

- TIA-MC1 arcade internals - This arcade machine contains four PCBs: BEIA-100: Main CPU board. Also contains address PROM, color DAC, input ports and sound, BEIA-101: Video board 1. Background generator, video tiles RAM and video sync schematics, BEIA-102: Video board 2. Sprite generator, video buffer RAM (hardware triple buffering) and BEIA-103: ROM banks, RAM. Contains ROMs and multiplexors.