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Tenkomori Shooting (TKM2/VER.A1)

0.97u4 [smf]


- 0.102u5: Guru added clone Tenkomori Shooting (TKM1/VER.A1).

- 13th October 2005: Guru - The Japanese version of Tenkomori Shooting arrived a few days ago. Thanks to Tormod.

- 0.97u4: smf added Tenkomori Shooting (TKM2/VER.A1).

- 29th June 2005: smf - It took about half an hour to get Tenkomori Shooting up and running as there were alot more protection checks than other System 12 games. There were a couple of problems with the graphics though. I spent some more time studying the protection checks, which allowed me to remove all the rom patches from the games that previously required them. Unfortunately this didn't help and it hasn't got Soul Calibur or Tekken Tag any closer to being emulated either. I started looking closer to home and I discovered it was using a little known feature of the PSX, that allows you to flip sprites. None of the unofficial GPU docs mention it at all and Pete Bernert has only supported x flipping in his GPU plugins, no game had used y flipping until now. After adding x & y flipping it looks much better. I had to verify which was which as they were always setting both or none. So after verifying the sprite flipping bits on a console I sent the information to Pete to add to his renderers. The only issue now was the intro didn't look quite right. This took a while to track down, eventually I realised that they were dma'ing 1792 bytes at a time from the mdec output. Each block is 512 bytes, which makes 3 and a half blocks. The code in MAME & most other emulators can't cope with this. With a fix for this issue the intro looks great too. It's not over yet. Although Pete had added the y sprite flip to the GPU plugins, the game wouldn't even boot in ZiNc. It took alot of tracing and comparing to MAME, but I eventually found it. I had to retrofit the MDEC fix onto ZiNc's MDEC decoder as well.

- 7th April 2005: Guru - Tenkomori Shooting (Namco 1998, System12 hardware) arrived. Thanks to R. Belmont!

Romset: 49664 kb / 13 files / 30.17 zip