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0.26 [Brad Oliver, Bernd Wiebelt, Allard van der Bas, Neil Bradley, Al Kossow, Hedley Rainnie, Eric Smith]


- Program ram decode may be incorrect, but it appears like this on the schematics, and the troubleshooting guide.

- Demonstration Mode: Plays a normal game of Tempest, but pressing SUPERZAP sends you directly to the next level.

- Demonstration-Freeze Mode: Just like Demonstration Mode, but with frozen screen action.

- Both Demonstration Modes: Pressing RESET in either mode will cause the game to lock up. To recover, set switch 1 to On. You can start at any level from 1..81, so it's an easy way of seeing what the game can throw at you. The score is zeroed at the end of the game, so you also don't have to worry about artificially high scores disrupting your scoring records as stored in the game's EAROM.

- Easy Difficulty: Enemies move more slowly. One less enemy shot on the screen at any given time

- Hard Difficulty: Enemies move more quickly. 1-4 more enemy shots on the screen at any given time. One more enemy may be on the screen at any given time.

- High Scores: Changing toggles 1-5 at L12 (more/fewer lives, bonus ship levels) will erase the high score table. You should also wait 8-10 seconds after a game has been played before entering self-test mode or powering down; otherwise, you might erase or corrupt the high score table.


- 0.108u1: Brian Troha improved documentation in the Tempest drivers.

- 30th January 2002: Aaron Giles added better vector sparkle effect emulation as used in Major Havoc and Tempest.

- 0.33b7: Inspired by Retrocade and Vector Dream, Bernd Wiebelt changed the vector games to use translucent vectors. Color intensities had to be lowered, if it feels to dark for you now, increase the gamma correction value.

- 0.26: Added tempest.c driver.