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Tekken 2 Ver.B (TES3/VER.B)

0.76u1 [smf]

0.74u2 [?]


- 10th June 2006: smf - Back in 2003, Tekken 2 looked old and busted in MAME. There were two hurdles to getting it working properly. The major one was it's reliance on a pre-release version of the GPU ( also required by Tekken and Crypt Killer ). I'll cover how that was reverse engineered another time. We now get this: This is because of a bug in the following code, that works on real hardware because of how the processor works (80107d8c bgtz t9,$80107d18; 80107d90 mfc2 t0,sz1; 80107d94 mfc2 t1, sz2; 80107d98 mfc2 t2, sz3 and 80107d18 mtc2 t0, vxy0; 80107d1c mtc2 t1, vz0; 80107d20 mtct2 t2, vxy1). When t0 is moved into vxy0 at 8010d718 it needs to contain the value it had before sz1 is moved into t0 at 80107d90. This is because the results of some operations on the R3000 do not show up until after the next instruction. This is something that most emulators don't bother with, as all R3000 documentation tell you not to write code that does it. At the time I was told by FarFetch'd that the CPU in the PSX had a feature from the later MIPS processors, where it detected this condition and waited an extra clock cycle until the result showed up. But on the PSX it had a bug where it didn't work if you were in the delay slot of a branch. Code was added to MAME to emulate this & Tekken 2 looks much better. The only problem with this, is that the PSX has no such feature. At least not on the console I have in front of me. Just recently I have put together a unit test framework for the PlayStation, which makes it easy to run little fragments of code and test the results. I based the idea on nunit, which is a unit test framework for c#. I implemented try/catch & any cpu exceptions get turned into my own type of exception, so you can write tests that check for them & if you get one when you didn't except it then that is classed as a failure. I wrote a few tests based on the information I was given back in 2003, which worked in MAME but reported a failure on my console. I thought that maybe it was just moving data to and from the GTE, but the more tests I write the more it shows the PSX is no different from other R3000 series CPU's. As the tests are automated they can be run any time a change is made & they will also run on any emulator ( or any console ). All thats left is to add more tests, I guess I should have written this a few years ago.

- 0.100: R. Belmont fully shared the sound part of the MCU RAM for System 11. This allows games to read back the song names and fixes the sound test menu in Tekken and Tekken 2.

- 0.79: Added new cpu2 and sound1 roms.

- 20th October 2003: smf sent in a major update to the Namco System 11 driver, making Tekken, Tekken 2, Xevious 3D/G and Prime Goal EX work.

- 0.74u2: Added Tekken 2 Ver.B (TES3/VER.B) and clones Tekken 2 Ver.B (TES2/VER.B) and Tekken 2 (TES2/VER.A).

- 4th June 2003: Guru - Dumped another version of Tekken 2.

- 19th October 2002: Guru - Tekken 2 Ver. B (Namco 1995, System 11) arrived. Thanks to Brian A. Troha for the loan of the boards.

- 11th June 2002: Guru - The Tekken 2 PCB that arrived 1st June turned out to be Version A (previously not dumped). So I dumped it a few hours ago, and here's the first emulation screenshot...

- 1st June 2002: Guru - Received Tekken 2 (Namco 1995, world version) from Pelle.


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Romset: 25344 kb / 15 files / 19.66 zip