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0.37b5 [Eisuke Watanabe, Nekomata, NTD, code-name'Siberia]


- Wrong background in fstarfrc title

- There could be some priorities problems in riot (more noticeable in level 2)


- Driver by Eisuke Watanabe and Nicola Salmoria. Special thanks to Nekomata, NTD & code-name'Siberia'.

- Riot and Final Star Force seem to be romswaps. At least you can swap Riot roms on the pcb with Final Star Force and it'll work without problems.


- 0.82u1: Hau support flipscreen in the Tecmo16 driver.

- 0.37b5: Added tecmo16.c driver.

- 2nd July 2000: CAB fixed the ADPCM frequency in the Tecmo16 driver.

- 25th June 2000: E. Watanabe fixed the ADPCM sound in the Tecmo16 driver.

- 24th June 2000: E. Watanabe submitted a Tecmo16 driver, which supports Ganbare Ginkun and Final Star Force. Nicola Salmoria fixed some graphics glitches in the Tecmo16 driver.