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0.65 [David Haywood]


- Don't trust the test mode ! It shows inputs for 4 players as well as 3 buttons for each player, while the game is a 2 players game with only 2 buttons (punch and kick) for each player. IMO, it's a leftover from a previous game. If you want to test all inputs, turn TAOTAIDO_SHOW_ALL_INPUTS to 1.

- The "Buy-In" features allows a player to recover some energy and reset timer by pressing his "Start" button (provided he has at least one credit).

- 'taotaido' allows to play a 2 players game with a single credit while this isn't possible with 'taotaida'. Now, telling which version is the newest one is another story.

- 'taotaido' seems to show you how to do the special moves, 'taotaida' doesn't and they don't seem to work in the same way (unless this is a bug)

- Coin buttons act differently depending on the "Coin Slot" Dip Switch.


- Hardware: Similar to other video system games.

- Driver based on other 'Video System' drivers. Dip Switches and Inputs by Stephane Humbert