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0.37b15 [David Graves, Quench]


- Video section hung off TaitoH driver, it should be separate.

- 3d graphics h/w: do the gradiation ram and line ram map to hardware which creates the 3d background scenes? It seems the TMS320C25 is being used as a co-processor to relieve the 68000 of 3d calculations... it has direct access to line ram along with the 68000. Seems gradiation ram is responsibility of 68000. Unless - unlikely IMO - there is banking allowing the 32025 to select this area in its address map.

- "Power common ram" is presumably for communication with an MCU controlling the sit-in-cabinet (deluxe mechanized version only).

- Offer dip-selectable kludge of the analogue stick inputs so that keyboard play is possible?

- Unknown control bits remain in the 0x140000 write.

- DIPs

- Topland: Sprite/tile priority bad. After demo game in attract, palette seems too dark for a while. Palette corruption has occured with areas not restored after a fade. Don't know why. (Perhaps 68000 relies on feedback from co-processor in determining what parts of palette ram to write... but this would then be fixed by hookup of 32025 core, which it isn't.) Mechanized cabinet has a problem with test mode: there is code at $d72 calling a sub which tests a silly amount of "power common ram"; $80000 words (only one byte per word used). Probably the address map wraps, and only $400 separate words are actually accessed ? TMS320C25 emulation: one unmapped read which appears to be discarded. But the cpu waits for a bit to be zero... some sort of frame flag or some "ready" message from the 3d h/w perhaps? The two writes seem to take only two values.

- AirInferno: Sprite/tile priority bad.


- Driver based on Raine source.


- 0.70u2: smf fixed ports in some TESTDRIVERS so there are no complaints with the sanity checks.

- 2nd January 2003: Olivier Galibert sent in a somewhat updated version of the TMS32025 CPU core together with some improvements to the Taito Air system driver, making Top Landing display some polygons but it is still far from perfect.

- 26th December 2002: Quench added timer emulation to the TMS32025 CPU core.

- 18th November 2002: Quench sent in a TMS32025 CPU core and a preliminary Taito AIR system driver, but graphics emulation is not complete so it does not work very well.

- 6th May 2001: David Graves added Top Landing to the Taito Air system driver, but like Air Inferno, it doesn't have the 3D graphics.