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0.53 [Richard Bush, Howie Cohen, Yochizo]

0.34b6 [Howie Cohen, Richard Bush, Brad Oliver]


- Fix known problems.

- Any other games that worked on this board?

- What is correct date for Ballbros? Two different ones appear in this driver!

- Gigandes: Gigandes has background tile glitches on the demo of cave stage (the last one before it does demo of level 1 again). It seems to be rapidly switching between two different background layers. This may be because the game has put different tiles in bank 0 and bank 1 (which alternate each frame). The other strangeness is that the background is not scrolling. So chances are the graphics chip emulation is flawed. When this cuts to hiscore screen there is flickering white tilemap garbage beneath. These leftover tiles have not been cleared from $e00800-bff (but they have been from $e02800). So alternate 2 frames display the bank with garbage tiles and the one without. Probably some control register should be keeping the graphics chip in the cleared bank, so the garbage is never visible. Separate bank control for sprite / tile layers ? Maybe this effect is also desired during the cave stage.


- Details of custom chip numbers on Superman would be welcome.

- Superman seems to be the only game of the four with a c-chip. Daisenpu appears to use a simple input device with coin counter and lockout in its place. The East Technology games on this hardware follow Daisenpu.


- 0.106u1: AWJ fixed a couple of dipswitch mistakes introduced recently.

- 0.104u3: Cleanups to the taito_x driver [Alex Jackson]: Converted input ports to an INCLUDE/MODIFY tree. Fixed Lives DSW in twinhawk and twinhwku. Removed cabinet DSW from twinhawk and twinhwku; they are 2psim and do not support cocktail cabinets (the DSW does nothing). Fixed coinage DSW in suprmanj. Removed MDRV_MACHINE_INIT(cchip1) from games that don't have a C-chip (all of them except Superman).

- 0.77u2: David Haywood merged taito_x.c and seta.c video hardware, this is correct but due to some differences in the drivers a few glitches have been introduced in twinhawk that will need investigating.

- 0.53: Changed superman.c to taito_x.c driver.

- 7th June 2001: David Graves added save states, coin lockouts and counters to the Superman driver.

- 3rd November 2000: Yochizo fixed road color and music tempo in Daisenpu.

- 16th September 2000: Yochizo added Balloon Brothers, Gigandes and Daisenpu to the Superman a.k.a. Taito X driver.

- 0.34b6: Added superman.c driver (Driver: Howie Cohen and Brad Oliver. Raine and C-Chip info: Richard Bush).