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0.37b3 [Olivier Galibert]

0.36b4 [Olivier Galibert]


- slowdowns in fhawk, probably the interrupts have to be generated at a different time.

- plgirls doesn't work without a kludge because of an interrupt issue. This happens because the program enables interrupts before setting IM2, so the interrupt vector is interpreted as IM0, which is obviously bogus.

- The puzznic protection is worked around, but I'm not happy with it (the 68705-returned values are wrong, I'm sure of that).

- A bunch of control registers are simply ignored

- The source of irqs 0 and 1 is unknown, while 2 is vblank (0 is usually ignored by the program, 1 leads to reading the ports... maybe vbl-in, vbl-out and hblank ?).

- Text Plane colors are only right in Cuby Bop once you've started a game & reset

- Scrolling in Cuby Bop's Game seems incorrect.


- The system uses RAM based characters, which aren't really supported by the TileMap system, so we have to tilemap_mark_all_tiles_dirty() to compensate

- kurikina has some debug dipswitches (invulnerability, slow motion) so might be a prototype. It also doesn't have service mode (or has it disabled).


- 0.111u3: Atari Ace fixed invalid array access in the taito_l driver.

- 0.93u3: Nicola Salmoria changed interrupt handling, this fixes test mode in Plotting.

- 0.93: Changed ADPCM to MSM5205 (384000 Hz).

- 29th March 2001: Gerardo Oporto fixed yet more dip switch settings in the Taito L driver.

- 10th February 2001: David Haywood added Cuby Bop and a few clone romsets to the Taito L system driver.

- 31st January 2001: Gerardo Oporto fixed dip switch settings in the Taito L system driver.

- 0.37b6: Several fixes and improvements to the Taito L games (sound, priorities, speed) [Nicola Salmoria, Jarek Burczynski]. Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 6MHz.

- 3rd August 2000: Jarek Burczynski fixed sound in Raimais and Champion Wrestler in the Taito L driver. Nicola Salmoria fixed several graphics in the Taito L driver and added Kuri Kinton.

- 31st July 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed Play Girls 1 and 2 in the Taito L driver.

- 30th July 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed the sound interface in the Taito L driver.

- 0.37b3: Changed taitol.c to taito_l.c driver.

- 22nd May 2000: Nicola Salmoria added Play Girls and Play Girls 2 to the Taito-L driver, but only Play Girls 2 works and with graphics glitches.

- 22nd April 2000: Gerardo Oporto submitted Taito-L driver dip switch fixes.

- 0.36b4: Added taitol.c driver.

- 26th August 1999: Olivier Galibert sent in a Taito system L driver with support for American Horseshoes, Cachat, Champion Wrestler, Fighting Hawk, Palamedes, Plotting, Puzznic and Raimais. None of them have sound though, and some have graphic bugs.