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0.37b3 [David Graves, Bryan McPhail, Brad Oliver, Andrew Prime, Brian A. Troha, Nicola Salmoria with some initial help from Richard Bush]

0.34b8 [Brad Oliver, Andrew Prime, Ernesto Corvi]

0.33b4 [Howie Cohen, Alex Pasadyn, Bill Boyle, Richard Bush]


- The sprite system is still partly a mystery, and not an accurate emulation. A lot of sprite glitches are caused by data in sprite ram not being correct, part from one frame and part from the previous one. There has to be some buffering inside the chip but it's not clear how. See below the irq section for a long list of observations on sprite glitches. Other limitations include: misplaced tile of the zooming title in Qcrayon (the one on the yellow background in attract); sprites when you get a home run in Koshien are often out on x axis by 1 pixel.

- TC0480SCP emulation (footchmp, metalb, deadconx) has slight inaccuracies. Zoomed layers and zoomed pixel rows are not precisely positioned.

- DIPS, still many unknown

- Restored save states on some games tend to hang.

- All non-quiz games except Solfigtr have 2 country sets dumped: if 1 byte diff then create the third set.

- Don Doko Don: Roz layer is one pixel out vertically when screen flipped.

- Cameltry (camltrua): Alt version with YM2203 sound missing ADPCM chip? Also sound tempo may be fractionally too slow.

- Pulirula: In level 3, the mask sprites used for the door are misaligned by one pixel to the left. (BM100705 - Not a bug - various alignment problems seem to be confirmed from a real pcb). Shadows appear to have some kind of flicker effect on real pcb - not emulated/understood.

- Yesnoj: Input mapping incomplete. There's a 0x01 one which only seems to be used in printer [printer test?] mode. It seems to be a printer status input. With the value currently returned, it sounds an alarm and says [Japanese trans.] "Error detected on the printer. Call machine operator." The timer stays at 00:00. Missing RTC emulation? [Coin lockout/ctr?]

- Driftout: Sprites are 1 pixel too far right in screenflip. Roz layer is around 4 pixels too far down in screenflip.

- Driveout: Sound


- Metal Black has secret command to select stage. Start the machine with holding service switch. Then push 1p start, 1p start, 1p start, service SW, 1p start while error message is displayed. (This also works in many of the other games. Use in Don Doko Don to play an extra set of fifty levels.)


- 0.100u4: Cleaned up the taito_f2 driver [Brian Troha]: Converted what I could to port_include and port_modify. Fixed a few rom names and standardized names add a PCB layout. Changed the sound CPU to 240000/6 and the YM2610 to 240000/3 as there is no 16MHz OSC on the PCB. Only a 26.686 & 24.000 MHz chips.

- 0.98u1: Bryan McPhail fixed one of the TC360 sprite blending modes (used in Pulirula round 2 and Liquid Kids attract mode).

- 0.89u1: Bryan McPhail added the TC0360PRI blending modes to the games with rotation layers. This includes Pulirula & Liquid Kids. One of the blending modes is new to these games (not used in Gun Frontier) and I have no way to verify it's actually correct - someone with a working board will need to verify (Liquid Kids: Fish going in water in attract mode, Pulirula: Crystals on level 2).

- 0.88u6: Bryan McPhail added support for extra effects in the Taito F2 driver. Transparent sun in 1st level of Metal Black. Special effect on Metal Black level 5 boss who slides in under the bottom tilemap. All known effects in Gun Frontier (see the attract mode). The highlight effect in Quiz Crayon 2 map. The update also provides full 5 tilemap layer priority support in Metal Black (was previously 4 due to pdrawgfx limitation), and fixes priority problems in Ninja Kids (ninjak058gre).

- 5th October 2001: Chack'n fixed a few driver names and filenames in TNZS and Taito F2 drivers.

- 22nd July 2001: David Graves added some Taito F2 clone ROM sets and fixed other things in the Taito F2 driver.

- 27th March 2001: Gerardo Oporto fixed some dip switch settings in the Taito F2 driver.

- 22nd March 2001: David Graves fixed some bugs in the Taito F2 drivers and added state saving support to Taito F2, but it still needs some work.

- 22nd January 2001: Bryan McPhail added preliminary linescroll / raster effect support to the Taito F2 video system, but it's still not entirely correct.

- 14th January 2001: David Graves added double width tilemap support to the TC0480SCP chip emulation.

- 10th January 2001: Gerardo Oporto several more dip switch problems in Taito F2 games.

- 26th December 2000: Gerardo Oporto fixed some more dipswitch settings in Taito F2 games.

- 4th December 2000: David Graves added support for a third Taito TC0100SCN chip emulation.

- 1st December 2000: David Graves updated the TC0100SCN Taito chip emulation to support extra wide tilemaps, making Darius 2, Ninja Warriors and Warrior Blade playable.

- 25th August 2000: David Graves improved the Taito F2 zooming graphics in Football Champ, Metal Black and Dead Connection.

- 16th August 2000: David Graves improved the linescroll in the Taito F2 driver and did some other graphics bugfixes.

- 14th August 2000: Nicola Salmoria added correct linescroll emulation to some of the Taito F2 games.

- 13th August 2000: David Graves sent in a Taito F2 update improving the Football Champ zoom layer graphics.

- 8th August 2000: Nicola Salmoria implemented zooming tilemap functionality for Dead Connection, Football Champ and Metal Black.

- 7th August 2000: David Graves fixed a few graphical glitches in newer Taito F2 games and Metal Black now works.

- 1st August 2000: David Graves fixed some flip screen mode bugs in the Taito F2 driver.

- 29th July 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed a scrolling bug in the Taito F2 driver affecting Koshien.

- 28th July 2000: Brad Oliver fixed Mega Blast in the Taito F2 driver.

- 0.37b5: Merged footchmp.c with taito_f2.c driver. Lots of improvements to the Taito F2 driver [David Graves]. Abstracted Taito F2 gfx chip emulation to vidhrdw/taitoic.c (there's also some non-gfx chips in there). There are many other Taito games using these chips [Nicola Salmoria].

- 20th July 2000: David Graves added Yes/No Sinri Tokimeki Chart to the Taito F2 driver but it has some graphics bugs.

- 19th July 2000: David Graves sent in a huge Taito F2 driver update with working drivers for Gun Frontier, Ah Eikou no Koshien, Thunder Fox, The Ninja Kids, Solitary Fighter, Dino Rex, Quiz Chikyu Bouei Gun, Quiz Torimonochou, Quiz HQ, Yuuyu no Quiz de GO!GO!, Mahjong Quest, Quiz Quest, Don Doko Don, PuLiRuLa, Dead Connection and Football Champ. Nicola Salmoria fixed rotation and zooming in the Taito F2 driver, making Don Doko Don look a lot better. Takahiro Nogi added a no nudity version of Mahjong Quest to the F2 driver.

- 8th July 2000: David Graves added a few more games to the Taito F2 driver and did some other small improvements.

- 5th July 2000: Jarek Burczynski fixed the Taito F2 sprite decoding in Final Blow.

- 4th July 2000: David Graves sent in yet another Taito F2 driver update, generally improving the groundwork for future enhancements and adding a few (non-working) games.

- 16th June 2000: David Graves and Brad Oliver submitted yet another Taito F2 driver update, and now Ninja Kids works.

- 0.37b4: Merged ssi.c with taito_f2.c driver.

- 11th June 2000: David Graves and Brad Oliver improved the Taito F2 driver, but it doesn't yet have any new working games.

- 0.37b3: Changed taitof2.c to taito_f2.c driver.

- 0.36b9: Added footchmp.c driver (Ernesto Corvi).

- 0.34b8: Added taitof2.c driver.

- 0.33b4: Added ssi.c driver. Richard Bush (Technical information) and Bill Boyle (Graphics info).