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Super World Stadium '99 (Japan, SS91/VER.A3)

0.77 [smf]


- 0.84u2: R. Belmont improve the Namco System 12 driver and sws99 and pacapp seems playable now (not sure if due to these changes or smf's core work) so took off GAME_NOT_WORKING for them.

- 4th July 2004: R. Belmont - I've gotten a few more of the System 12 games playable in MAME, including Super World Stadium '99 and Raizing/Eighting's lightgun-based Golgo 13.

- 0.78: Fixed input and user3 roms addresses.

- 20th July 2003: Guru - Received Super World Stadium '99 (Namco 1999). Big thanks to Leonid81, Bob Schultz, jmurjr, Smitdogg, f205v, Kevin Eshbach and many MAMEWorld contributors.

Romset: 45568 kb / 11 files / 17.65 zip