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Super Volleyball (Japan)

0.37b1 [Aaron Giles]

Possible Bugs:

- Clone svolleyk: In volleyball arcade machine (video systems 1989, Korean set), appears red arrows indicating the position to receive the ball, the arrows appears in the first tournament, so when play second championship (vs. USA and then vs. URSS) no appears, so is more difficult to receive the ball. I dont know the origional machine, so I dont know if the arrows are meant to not be there, but not having them there after the first match makes the game VERY difficult, so I imagine they really must be meant to be there. svolleyk37b11gre Sixtoe


- 0.91u1: David Haywood fixed missing net in Super Volleyball (svolley37b12yel).

- 0.62: Added clone Super Volleyball (US).

- 27th August 2002: Stephane Humbert added the US version to the Super Volleyball driver.

- 31st July 2000: Guru - Dumped Volleyball (alt, Video systems).

- 0.37b1: Aaron Giles added Super Volleyball (Japan) (V-System 1989) and clone (Korea).

- 2nd April 2000: Aaron Giles added Super Volleyball to the Rabbit Punch driver.

- 19th November 1999: Carlos A. Lozano Baides has made a preliminary driver for Super Volley Ball, but it's still got several problems.


Category: Volleyball

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Romset: 1280 kb / 23 files / 377 zip