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Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (World)

0.70u4 [Guru, Vernon C. Brooks, Phil Stroffolino]

0.36RC1 [?]


- No matter what time you will get, you'll never be prompted to enter a name for the high score table. Happens on every course. We have this game at work, and I tried to set a record, I got a time that would have been about 3rd place in the standings, but didn't get to enter my initials. The game just says game over. Reznor007

- Suzuka 8 Hours 2 is a System 2-derivative game and use a more advanced blitter than regular system 2 games. It allows for the track drawing and smooth sprite scaling.


- 0.103u3: Changed description to 'Suzuka 8 Hours 2 (World)' and fixed rom names.

- 0.97u1: Phil Stroffolino fixed road colors in the Suzuka games. Added user3 prom ($0 - 256 bytes).

- 0.77u2: Added 'System is Status Monitor' dipswitch.

- 0.70u5: Added new sound1 rom ($0).

- 20th September 2002: Phil Stroffolino improved the road generator and NB1-style sprites in the Namco System 2 driver, making Lucky and Wild and Suzuka 8 Hours 2 playable, with thanks to jonwil for replacing protection patches with key chip emulation.

- 0.36RC1: Added Suzuka 8 Hours (Japan) (Namco 1993) (Testdriver).

- 22nd February 2000: Vernon C. Brooks added Suzuka 8 Hours 2 to the Namco System 2 driver, but like the other racing games, it's unplayable. Guru - Fixed the Char layer and now it looks much better. Still no title or bike gfx.

- 21st February 2000: Guru - Added Suzuka 8 Hours 2 to the source but it won't get past the test mode. Vernon C. Brooks fixed some protection issues and now Suzuka 8 Hours 2 comes up, though it is far from working. No Title gfx, no bike gfx, no controls (like most of the non-working System 2 games). As well as that the roadway code is not implimented yet in all the system 2 driving/racing games. It's a start though...

- 19th February 2000: Guru - Dumped some more roms including Suzuka 8 Hours 2.


Category: Motorbike

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Romset: 12457 kb / 31 files / 3.13 zip