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0.62 [Sylvain Glaize, David Haywood]


- Priorities

- Transparency effects (each pen has a transparent flag, there are seperate r,g,b alpha values to be used for these pens)

- Idle skipping on other games + bios

- Fix gaps between zoomed sprites (See Gals Panic 4 continue screen and timer)

- Fix broken games


- Original driver by Sylvain Glaize, taken to pieces and attempted reconstruction by David Haywood. Olivier Galibert for all the assistance and information he's provided. R. Belmont for working on the SH2 timers so sound worked. Nicola Salmoria for hooking up the Roz and improving the dirty tile handling. Paul Priest for a lot of things. Stephh for spotting what was wrong with Puzz Loop's inputs.


- TODO: Implement double buffering for sprites? We have to tell games which buffer to draw to? irrelevant to emulation. Removed all debug keys.

DIP/Input Bugs:

- jjparad2, jjparads: Tilt switch is mapped but does not come up in the input test. jjparads0106u1gra cpukett


- 0.102u5: Aaron Giles fixed crashing in the Super Nova games.

- 0.101u1: Added Korea BIOS rom to the BIOS set.

- 0.98u3: Mamesick cleaned up and fixed input ports for all games in the suprnova driver.

- 0.85u3: Carlos Santillan improved video performance in suprnova games.

- 0.84: Carlos Santillan added some Super Kaneko Nova rendering speedups.

- 17th April 2004: R. Belmont cleaned up Shiriru's YMZ280B update which has a little more accurate sound generation, fixing a music looping bug in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver.

- 0.68: Added 2x new BIOS roms to the

- 21st April 2003: Bryan McPhail forwarded a fix for the missing sound in Super Kaneko Nova System games.

- 9th March 2003: David Haywood fixed the .inp problems in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver by using the new random number generator.

- 26th February 2003: David Haywood fixed a bug in the Super Kaneko Nova System graphics emulation and Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zou is now playable.

- 15th December 2002: Angelo Salese fixed the record/playback function in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver.

- 20th October 2002: Olivier Galibert fixed a few things in the SH-2 CPU core and added DMA support which improves Sengeki Striker in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver, although there are still several graphics problems.

- 27th September 2002: David Haywood fixed the background graphics in Jan Jan Paradise 2 with a redumped ROM and he fixed another problem that also caused incorrect graphics emulation in it.

- 17th September 2002: Paul Priest added sprite zooming and background linescroll and fixed sprite positions in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver.

- 15th September 2002: R. Belmont fixed the SH7604 internal timers so that the music in the Super Kaneko Nova System games is fixed and the controls work in the Taisen Hot Gimmick games.

- 14th September 2002: R. Belmont implemented the SH7604 internal timers which gets music and sound running in the rest of the Super Kaneko Nova System games, but the music still suddenly stops working after a while in the games. It also added sound to Sol Divide and gets the Taisen Hot Gimmick games working. Uki added the controls to both Taisen Hot Gimmick and Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten, but the controls stop working after a while, like the music in the Super Kaneko Nova System games. Nicola Salmoria optimized the Super Kaneko Nova System tilemap graphics drawing even more, and Paul Priest added support for separate RGB brightness controls, fixing the color fades in the games.

- 13th September 2002: Nicola Salmoria reduced the memory requirements of the Super Kaneko Nova System driver and hooked up the rotation and zoom control registers. David Haywood and Paul Priest optimized the graphics drawing in it a little.

- 12th September 2002: David Haywood sent in an update to the Super Kaneko Nova System driver, fixing the sprite positioning in Gals Panic 4 and Gals Panic S.

- 11th September 2002: Nicola Salmoria added sound emulation to some of the games in the Super Kaneko Nova System driver, Paul Priest fixed the inputs, added Puzz Loop European version and cleaned up a few things in it and David Haywood added Panic Street, Gal's Panic S2 and Jan Jan Paradise 2 which are playable, and Gal's Panic S and Gal's Panic 4 which have some misplaced sprites. Jan Jan Paradise 2 has a bad graphics ROM which causes some graphics to be corrupt.

- 10th September 2002: David Haywood updated and re-wrote S. Glaize's old Super Kaneko Nova System driver. The driver lacks sound and has graphics glitches, but Cyvern, Puzz Loop, Sen-know, Otome Ryouran, Tel Jan and Jan Jan Paradise are playable.

- 21st February 2002: S. Glaize reported progress on Super Kaneko Nova System which uses the Hitachi SH-2 CPU. Gal's Panic S and Gal's Panic 4 work up to the title screen, Panic Street, Cyvern, Jan Jan Paradise, Sen-know and Tel Jan work up to the actual gameplay but crash after a while, and Puzz Loop isn't playable although the attract mode shows something.