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Super Tank

0.78 [Norbert Kehrer]


- The Game Super Tank: The arcade game "Super Tank" was made in 1981 by the German company Video Games GmbH. It is a shooter where you control a tank and have to clear a field of mines and bushes. You are chased by enemy tanks, which fire at you. After wiping out all the mines and bushes, you reach the second level. It is kind of a "boss" level, where you have to fight a big enemy tank, the Super Tank. You can destroy it by a direct hit into its gun. As far as I know, Super Tank was sold in Germany, Austria, and other European countries, and it was licensed to the company Computran for distribution in the US market. I would be interested in more background information on the companies Video Games GmbH (they were located in the town of Lich in Germany) and Computran. I would also like to know, in which other countries Super Tank machines were in the arcades. If you know something about this, please email to

- The MAME Driver for Super Tank: Norbert Kehrer finished his first and preliminary version of a MAME driver for Super Tank. It was very hard work to figure out, how all the hardware works. This reverse-engineering process took him many days. He had practically no information about the hardware, no schematics, and not even a memory map. He ended up in writing my own stand-alone emulator for the game to do my testing, before he could convert it to MAME. Now, after he finally found out, how the video hardware really works, he see, that compared to other machines it is rather simple! After he knew, how most of the things in Super Tank worked, it was really easy to make the MAME driver. Well, "coding" is the wrong word.


- 18th December 2003: Norbert Kehrer fixed another dipswitch bug in the Super Tank driver.

- 16th December 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed the dipswitches and added two unknown PROMs to the Super Tank driver.

- 15th December 2003: Norbert Kehrer submitted a fully working driver for Super Tank.

Category: Tank

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Romset: 19 kb / 8 files / 15.0 zip