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Super Bug

0.59 [Stefan Jokisch]


- 0.94u5: Derrick Renaud updated Fire Truck, Monte Carlo and Super Bug to use new 7492 counter. Changed adjusters so frequency goes higher when adjusted to the right.

- 0.88: Derrick Renaud changed watchdog to proper time using new MDRV_WATCHDOG_VBLANK_INIT function in Fire Truck, Monte Carlo, Super Bug, Pac-Man and Polaris.

- 0.80: Derrick Renaud update Pool Shark, Fire Truck, Super Bug and Monte Carlo to use new discrete sound components.

- 0.68: Derrick Renaud fixed ASR sound trigger - sound would latch on at extended play.

- 0.65: Derrick Renaud fixed sound in Fire Truck, Super Bug, Monte Carlo.

- 31st January 2003: Aaron Giles forwarded Derrick Renaud's improvements to the discrete sound in Fire Truck, Super Bug and Monte Carlo.

- 0.61: Added audio Discrete_Components and changed visible area to 240x230.

- 29th May 2002: Stefan Jokisch merged the Fire Truck and Super Bug drivers and improved both of them significantly.

- 9th March 2002: Stefan Jokisch sent in a driver for Super Bug.

Category: Racing 2D

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Romset: 13 kb / 10 files / 6.62 zip