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SunA Quiz 6000 Academy (940620-6)

0.107u4 [David Haywood]


- 0.107u4: Added SunA Quiz 6000 Academy (940620-6) (SunA 1994) - Date/Version on-screen is 940620-6, but in the program rom it's 1994,6,30 K.H.T V6.00.

- 13th August 2006: David Haywood - Ignore the tile corruption Suna Quiz, one of the roms is bad. I need to know the title of this game. Edit: Replaced with good screenshots now the dump is good.

- 24th December 2005: Dumping Project - Our Korean contact has purchased Quiz 6000 Academy.

Romset: 2624 kb / 6 files / 842.5 zip