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0.63 [David Haywood, Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert, Mariusz Wojcieszek]

TODO (Main issues):

- Complete the Master/Slave communication.

- Clean up the IC13 rom loading.

- Clean-ups and split the various chips(SCU,SMPC)into their respective files.

- CD block:complete it & add proper CD image support into MAME.

- The Cart-Dev mode...we need the proper ST-V Cart-Dev bios to be dumped in order to make this work,but probably this will never be done...

- Fix some strange sound cpu memory accesses,there are various issues about this.

- Finish the DSP core.

- Complete the window system in VDP2 (Still in progress).

- Add the RS232c interface (serial port),needed by fhboxers.

- (PCB owners) check if the clocks documented in the manuals are really right for ST-V.

- SCSP to master irq: see if there is a sound cpu mask bit.

- Does the cpunum_set_clock really works?Investigate.

- We need to check every game if can be completed or there are any hanging/crash/protection issues on them.

- Memo: Some tests done on the original & working PCB,to be implemented: The AD-Stick returns 0x00 or a similar value. The Ports E,F & G must return 0xff. The regular BIOS tests (Memory Test) changes his background color at some point to several gradients of red,green and blue.Current implementation remains black.I dunno if this is a framebuffer write or a funky transparency issue (i.e TRANSPARENT_NONE should instead show the back layer). RBG0 rotating can be checked on the "Advanced Test" menu thru the VDP1/VDP2 check. It rotates clockwise IIRC.Also the ST-V logo when the game is in Multi mode rotates too. The MIDI communication check fails even on a ST-V board,somebody needs to check if there is a MIDI port on the real PCB...

TODO (Per-Game issues):

- groovef: Hangs soon after loaded,caused by two memory addresses in the Work RAM-H range. Kludged for now to work.

- Various: Find idle skip if possible.

- suikoenb/shanhigw + others: Why do we get 2 credits on startup with sound enabled?

- colmns97/puyosun/mausuke/cotton2/cottonbm: Interrupt issues? we can't check the SCU mask on SMPC or controls fail

- mausuke/bakubaku/grdforce: Need to sort out transparency on the colour mapped sprites

- bakubaku: no sound? Caused by missing irq?

- myfairld: Doesn't work with -sound enabled because of a sound ram check at relative addresses of $700/$710/$720/$730,so I'm not removing the NOT_WORKING flag due of that. Also Micronet programmers had the "great" idea to *not* use the ST-V input standards, infact joystick panel is mapped with input_port(10) instead of input_port(2), so for now use the mahjong panel instead.

- kiwames: The VDP1 sprites refresh is too slow,causing the "Draw by request" mode to flicker.Moved back to default ATM...

- pblbeach: Sprites are offset, because it doesn't clear vdp1 local coordinates set by bios, I guess that they are cleared when some vdp1 register is written (kludged for now).

- decathlt: Is currently using a strange protection DMA abus control,and it uses some sort of RLE compression/encryption that serves as a gfxdecode.

- vmahjong: The vdp1 textures are too dark(women).

- findlove: Controls doesn't work? Weird design choices:

- introdon: has the working button as BUTTON2 and not BUTTON1 batmanfr: BUTTON1 isn't used at all.

- seabass: Player sprite is corrupt/missing during movements, caused by incomplete framebuffer switching.

- sss: Missing backgrounds during gameplay. <- seems just too dark (night), probably just the positioning isn't correct...

- elandore: Polygons structures/textures aren't right in gameplay,known as protection for the humans structures,imperfect VDP1 emulation for the dragons.

- hanagumi: Ending screens have corrupt graphics. (*untested*)

- batmanfr: Missing sound,caused by an extra ADSP chip which is on the cart. The CPU is a ADSP-2181,and it's the same used by NBA Jam Extreme (ZN game).

- twcup98: Missing Tecmo logo

- vfremix: When you play Akira, there is a problem with third match: game doesn't upload all textures and tiles and doesn't enable display, although gameplay is normal - wait a while to get back to title screen after loosing a match

- sokyugrt: Gameplay seems to be not smooth, timing?

- kiwames: Hangs on title screen

- seabass: Crashes in stvcd.c - there is no CD and we report than we have one, and game tries to read something, however it doesn't do it after nvram is deleted?


- To enter into an Advanced Test Mode, keep pressed the Test Button (F2) on the start-up.


- Hardware: Sega ST-V (Sega Titan Video) - known as a Sega Saturn for the Arcades. The ultimate 2D system. Even more advanced tilemaps, with 6-dof roz support, alpha up to the wazoo and other niceties, known as the vdp2. Ths sprite engine, vdp1, allows for any 4-point streching of the sprites, actually giving polygonal 3D capabilities. Interestingly, the mixer capabilities took a hit, with no real per-sprite mixer priority, which could be considered annoying for a 2D system. It still allowed some beauties like Radiant Silvergun.

- Driver: SCSP driver provided by R. Belmont, based on ElSemi's SCSP sound chip emulator. CD Block driver provided by ANY,based on sthief original emulator. Many thanks to Guru, Fabien & Runik for the help given.

- Hardware overview: Two SH-2 CPUs,in a master/slave configuration.The master cpu is used to boot-up and to do the most of the work,the slave one does extra work that could be too much for a single cpu.They both shares all the existant devices, a M68000 CPU,used to drive sound(the SCSP chip).The program is uploaded via the SH-2 cpus, a SMPC (System Manager & Peripheral Control),used to drive all the devices on the board, a SCU (System Control Unit),mainly used to do DMA operations and to drive interrupts,it also has a DSP, an (optional for the ST-V) SH-1 CPU,used to be the CD driver, an A-Bus, where the cart ROM area is located, a B-Bus, where the Video Hardware & the SCU sections are located, two VDPs chips(named as 1 & 2), used for the video section: VDP2 is for the tilemap system,there are: 4 effective normal layers, 2 roz layers, 1 back layer, 1 line layer. The VDP2 is capable of the following things (in order): Dynamic resolution (up to 740x480) & various interlacing modes, mosaic process, sscrolling,scaling,horizontal & vertical cell scrolling & linescroll for the normal planes, versatile window system,used for various effects, alpha-blending,refered as Color Calculation in the docs, shadow effects and global rgb brightness control,separate for every plane. This hardware comes above hell on the great list of hellish things as far as emulation goes anyway.


- 0.111u5: Nathan Woods updated the Sega Saturn VDP2 video driver to use the new BITMAP_ADDR* macros instead of using the line[] array.

- 0.110u5: David Haywood moved the ST-V protection related code into stvprot.c and added some notes about the decathlete protection and renamed stvhacks to stvinit, because it contains most of the inits as well as the speedhacks.

- 0.110u3: STV fixes [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: VDP2: Fixed vertical scrolling for RGB bitmaps (fixes corrupted gfx in batmanfr) and vertical line scrolling for zoomed layers (fixes corrupted backgrounds in astrass). STV: Added speedup for master sh2 in batmanfr.

- 0.110u2: More updates to the ST-V driver [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: VDP1: Added shading for sprites (used by znpwfv, cotton2, others), fixed sprite clipping (fixes incorrect sprites in znpwfv) and fixed transparency on colour lookup table sprites (fixes bad sprites in znpwfv). VDP2: Fixed caching of RGB layer (fixes bad backgrounds on bosses in rsgun), added additive blending for tilemaps and sprites (rsgun) and added vertical line scroll and linezoom (fixes diehard logo). STV: Improved speedups for diehard, fixed speedups for znpwfv and added preliminary save state support.

- 0.108u5: Another big update to the ST-V driver [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: scsp: Improved interrupt reset (diehard, dnmtdeka and vfkids). colmns97 have sound now. vdp1: Added mesh effect for the sprites and polylines. vdp2: optimized rbg rendering. stv: Added speedups for dnmtdeka and diehard and corrected some set names/descriptions.

- 0.105u1: Aaron Giles modified a number of drivers that were using empty RAM regions for RAM or which had extraneous memory regions. Most significant changes were to the arcadia, nss and stv drivers.

- 0.105: zozo added the Dev 1.061 and early Japan bioses for ST-V: 'stv1061.bin' = ST-V Dev Bios (1.061) - Sega 1994, Noted "ST-V Ver 1.061 94/11/25" on EPROM sticker, coming from a S-TV SG5001A dev board and 'epr-17740.bin' = ST-V Bios (Japan early) - Sega 1995, found on a early board dated 02/1995.

- 0.104u7: Aaron Giles fixed stv.c games which always resets at the begining.

- 0.103: More ST-V updates [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: Added idle loop skipping for Radiant Silvergun, added RBG caching, added RBG "two screens" mode, added Critter Crusher (not working due to missing inputs) and fixed several bugs introduced recently with all the other changes. R. Belmont completely rewrote machine/stvcd.c and .h. There's a lot less there now, but what's there is more understandable and works much better.

- 0.102u4: Major update to the STV driver [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: SH2: Introduced cpu_readop16() for opcode fetching. STV: Added idle skip to various games. STV: Ooptimized master/slave sh2 syncing. VDP1: Fixed sprite transparency for RGB sprites. VDP2: Added linescroll. VDP2: Added 16x16 15bit tiles (fixes missing gfx in znpwfv). VDP2: Optimized tilemap scrolling, bitmaps and framebuffer drawing. VDP2: Fixed page and map calculation. DSP: Fixed some bugs making vfremix run up to the end of second match.

- 9th December 2005: Mariusz Wojcieszek - Speedup for most of the 2D games in ST-V driver! For example with a Athlon 3000: Princess Clara Daisakusen (60 fps), Soukyugurentai (60 fps), Suikoenbu (60 fps), Power Instinct 3 (55 fps), Cotton 2 (45-50 fps) and Cotton Boomerang (45-50 fps).

- 0.99u8: Improvements to the ST-V driver [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: Added another checking for DMA parameters and changed STV V-blank timing. vdp1: implemented two framebuffers and flipping, vdp1: Added manual changing and erasing of framebuffers, vdp1: Added manual trigger for drawing, vdp1: mapped framebuffer into memory (for 16bpp only), vdp1: Added shadow and half luminance for RGB sprites, vdp2: fixed bitmaps scrolling (fixes bad gfx in batmanfr and bakubaku intro), vdp2: Added preliminary window effect for tilemaps and sprite layer (for batmanfr) and vdp2: Added scaling for 8bpp and 15bpp bitmaps (fixes vmahjong and myfairld backgrounds).

- 0.99u7: Angelo Salese improved emulation of the IC13 ROM loading in ST-V driver. Find Love, Decathlete, Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver can boot without hacks or debug tricks. Also Suikoenbu has improved gameplay.

- 0.99u3: Updates to the ST-V driver [Mariusz Wojcieszek]: vdp2: Added rotation in RBG0 layer (improves diehard, vfkids, vfremix, thunt, sassisu backgrounds), vdp2: Added 15bit RGB tilemaps (used by thunt), vdp2: Added opaque alpha blended bitmaps (fixes missing gfx in shienryu intro), vdp2: Added enable bit for RGB sprites (fixes some bad sprites in vfremix), vdp2: Added alpha blending for RGB sprites, vdp1: Fixed polygon drawing, vdp1: Added line drawing, sh2: Fixed bug in division unit, sh2: Added callback called when cpu reads FTCSR register (intended for idle loop skipping for slave sh2 in stv), stv: Added idle loop skipping for several games and dsp: Fixed dma (fixes some bad gfx in thunt).

- 0.97u1: Ville Linde fixed a minor bug in the SCSP timer handling.

- 0.96: A number of ST-V improvements [Angelo Salese]: Fixed a DSP bug which was causing Treasure Hunt to hang. The game is working but with graphics artifacts because of other DSP bugs... Added the possibility on the VDP1 to double the horizontal resolution under some circumstances. This affects Astra SuperStars, Virtual Mahjong & Virtual Mahjong 2. Fixed a bug in the A-Bus protection handling for games which have rom data mapped here. Made some small fixes to the SCU. Added a quick hack to avoid the sound reading "hang", disabled by default. There's also some WIP code for the protection in Astra SuperStars and Final Fight Revenge.

- 0.95u2: Angelo Salese fixed some interrupt issues because the old implementation was giving several hangs on Batman Forever. To be more specific added the sprite draw end irq to the INTERRUPT_GEN structure and fixed a bug which prevented the vblank bit to not be cleared if the irq mask has the VBLANK-IN disactivated. Also fixed the NMI_disable/enable cmds on the SMPC device, which active/disactive a bit in the SMPC ram. And fixed a bug in the bitmap type 4 in VDP2 handling.

- 0.91u2: Angelo Salese added some new vdp2 registers, for example the DISP one for avoid transitions draws. Re-added the layer disable/enable code that I sent in the past which was lost and removed the possibility to disable layers with non-debug builds. Started to add default EEproms for the various games, for now I've hooked up the one in Shienryu to let it run already with Vertical Switch. Added the dynamic clocks, hopefully now 100% working. Changed clock speed of the 2x SH-2 CPUs to 28636400 Hz and the 68000 to 11454560 Hz.

- 0.90u4: Angelo Salese started to work with the A-Bus protection, it is a sort of data transfer with the cartridge area, more info in the stv.c file. Current implementation just fixes character selection screens in sss, Angelo will work out about this one in the future, it has various "interesting" issues which was thought to be emulation probs(i.e booting in rsgun,textures in elandore etc.). Added a preliminary timer 1 irq handling, it fixes Pebble Beach booting but it doesn't work yet because of incomplete VDP-1 emulation. Noticed that ignoring VDP-1 long word access read by SH-2 isn't correct and not needed (because 'Steep Slope Sliders' is protected rather than using an illegal procedure), it was causing wrong graphics in Funky Head Boxers and boot errors in Pebble Beach, reversed it back to default. Changed clock speed of the 2x SH-2 to 26874100 Hz and the 68000 to 10749640 Hz.

- 18th January 2005: Angelo Salese - Started to work out the ST-V protection in Steep Slope Sliders. It is a sort of data transfer. The other protected games are: Astra Super Stars, Fighting Dragon Legend Elan Doree, Final Fight Revenge and Radiant Silvergun. Will be worked out in the next future. Pebble Beach Golf,still not working due to video emulation/irq probs and no,it's not Sea Bass Fishing.

- 0.90u2: ST-V update [Angelo Salese]. Fixed a bug with the VDP-1 ram reading, SH-2 can do byte or word access, it's implicit that can't do long word access. This fixes the Steep Slope Sliders booting so the game now works. VDP-1 PTM's "draw by request" was actually causing sprites to flicker in kiwames, reversed back to old implementation until I or somebody else understand what the current issue is (clear_framebuffer?). Finished the game header update, let me know if you like/don't like the system used for the description of the games. Fixed ST-V visible area to 704x513, which was causing Virtual Mahjong 2 to crash after the sound ram check, fixed a window effect bug in Double-density interlace mode, this fixes some graphics in vmahjong & myfairld. Guessed a bitmap positioning issue in double-density interlace mode, this fixes the NBG1 positioning in myfairld.

- 0.90: Angelo Salese fixed various DMA bugs, including a missing save/update mode in indirect mode and added a default add value for the A-Bus transfer, to avoid strange uploads. Further improved the SCU emulation, added two unemulated irqs (PAD and SCSP), improved the "illegal" DMA operations and started to work out with the games headers. Changed clock speed of the 2x SH-2 CPUs to 28636350 Hz and the 68000 CPU to 11454540 Hz in all games.

- 0.83: Mariusz Wojcieszek added VDP2 layer disabling based on VRAM cycle pattern registers - this fixes gfx glitches in shanhigw title screen, added VDP1 half transparency - this improves sprites alpha blending in shanhigw in-game, and added VDP1 Gouraud shading (for normal sprites only) - this adds highlighting for selected tiles in shanhigw.

- 0.82u2: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed the bad RGB sprites colors and incorrect sprite clipping, added color offset for RGB sprites and fixed horizontal scrolling for bitmaps (corrects mausuke ingame background).

- 0.82u1: Angelo Salese fixed a window mode bug in STV VDP-2 and Mariusz Wojcieszek update STV VDP-1: Converted VDP1 drawing (sprites) to use framebuffer, added sprite priorities (corrects shanhigw ingame and colmns97 title screen), added color offset for sprites, improved sprites alpha blending (improves ejihon and shienryu intro), added framebuffer interlace (fixes elandore character selection screen), added color offset for bitmaps and added vertical scrolling for bitmaps (corrects shanhigw ingame). The main result (visible to user) of these changes is that shanhigw is now playable without problems (apart from gfx glitches on title screen).

- 15th April 2004: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed a sprite rendering bug in the ST-V driver where some sprites got distorted to the wrong size, improving Othello Shiyouyo title screen, helicopter in Die Hard Arcade, attract modes in Cotton Boomerang and Hanagumi Taisen Columns and it also makes Super Major League almost playable.

- 0.81u4: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixes sprites in groovef which is now playable, adds some RBG0 scrolling which greatly improves background graphics in cotton2, cottonbm, grdforce and othellos.

- 31st March 2004: Mariusz Wojcieszek sent in an update to the ST-V driver, adding support for the end code feature in VDP1 which improved sprites in Columns '97, Ejihon Tantei Jimusyo, Shienryu and fixing some bugs in the SCU DSP emulation.

- 0.80u3: Added new stv_vdp1_framebuffer HANDLER and update the ST-V ADDRESS_MAP.

- 0.80u2: Angelo Salese update the ST-V. Fixes bitmap transparencies, added the RBG0 layer(no scroll/roz effects yet), added a really preliminary window effect(just for get tile-based sprites in shanhigw) and readded the VDP1 PTM register support which has been lost in the past.

- 0.80u1: Mariusz Wojcieszek improved scaling tilemap backgrounds. Vfkids, colmns97 and vfremix backgrounds are better now. And fixed a problem where entering and existing service mode during game causes master/slave communication to fail. It turned out that slave cpu should be reset when it is turned off and on. This helps all games in driver.

- 0.80: Angelo Salese made various ST-V improvements (brightness controls).

- 28th February 2004: Angelo Salese added RGB brightness control to VDP2 in the ST-V driver and kludged Power Instinct 3 so that it boots (it has missing sprites though).

- 0.79: Olivier Galibert update the ST-V driver to use new memory system, cleaning up the map.

- 21st January 2004: Olivier Galibert merged the ST-V driver memory maps and Aaron Giles fixed a problem in it.

- 20th January 2004: R. Belmont fixed many things in the ST-V sound system and as a result many more games have working sound in that driver.

- 19th January 2004: R. Belmont - Fixed some ST-V bugs, sound now works in a lot more games (but not Die Hard or Baku Baku yet, still tracing).

- 16th January 2004: Mariusz Wojcieszek improved the ST-V driver sprite color calculation, fixing problems with Shienryu sprite colors and Winter Heat character selection screen.

- 0.78u4: Mariusz Wojcieszek added some ST-V alpha blending (see bakubaku playfield, mausuke playfield, shienryu clouds etc.).

- 0.78u1: Mariusz Wojcieszek improve the ST-V emulation: 1. Changes to sprites color calculation. I fixed it using in color bank modes by using color offset register from VDP2. Now shienryu kludge is no longer needed and also sprite colors in Winter Heat and Virtua Fighter Kids are correct. 2. Changes for Princess Clara Daisakusen (prikura) so that game is playable now (as far I tested it). 3. Prikura tried to render distorted sprites with xsize = 0 or ysize = 0 and this caused crash. As these values are prohibited according to manual, I ignore distorted sprites with xsize = 0 or ysize = 0. I found that missing MINIT for slave to run the sprites is done by using address 0x01406f40 instead of 0x01000000. I'm not sure if my change is a hack or real hardware behaves in that way, but in my opinion it is possible that whole range of addresses (0x01000000 - 0x017fffff) is used for MINIT. I added MINIT only for one address used by prikura. 4. Bad sprite colors were fixed in point 1. 5. Small change for vdp2: commented out a call to usrintf_showmessage().

- 0.77u3: Angelo Salese and Mariusz Wojcieszek made some STV improvements.

- 11th December 2003: Mariusz Wojcieszek submitted an improvement to the SCU DSP emulation in the ST-V driver, but Virtua Fighter Remix still doesn't work properly.

- 26th November 2003: R. Belmont and ElSemi fixed various bugs in the SCSP sound core, improving the sound greatly in the ST-V driver.

- 0.77u1: Minor cleanups to stv.c (specifically changed some variables to static) [Nathan Woods].

- 0.77: Angelo Salese made various ST-V improvements. Removed some unknown dipswitch entries.

- 0.76u2: Several ST-V games are probably now playable, however be warned many are very very slow, this is not a bug, sound is still poor or non-existant in most titles, these haven't been tested for long so could easily fail at later levels. Games which were marked as working in previous updates are also improved (shienryu etc.) [David Haywood, Angelo Salese, Olivier Galibert]. Added ST-V SpeedUp Hacks (stvhacks.c) driver.

- 29th October 2003: Olivier Galibert added distorted sprite drawing to the ST-V driver, adding 3D graphics in a lot of games. David Haywood added sprite zoom to the ST-V driver, and a few more games show some graphics now: Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, Columns 97, Die Hard, Ejihon Tantei Jimusyo, Virtua Fighter Kids, Virtua Fighter Remix, Funky Head Boxers, Othello Shiyouyo, Pro Mahjong Kiwame S, Winter Heat and Taisen Tanto-R Sashissu!!

- 28th October 2003: David Haywood fixed the controls in the ST-V driver, making Mausuke no Ojama the World and Puyo Puyo Sun fully playable, but Puyo Puyo Sun is extremely slow.

- 27th October 2003: R. Belmont fixed the ST-V crash that happened with -nosound.

- 0.76u1: Added YMF292-F_SCSP stereo sound. David Haywood made more ST-V Improvements, fixing various graphical issues (Shienryu Sprite Colours) and general other bits and pieces. More games are 'watchable' now, for example Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, Puyo Puyo Sun, Columns 97 however they lack controls. R. Belmont ported ElSemi's SCSP core, this gives preliminary sound in the ST-V games, however at the moment most of them play static, Shienryu is mostly correct.

- 25th October 2003: R. Belmont added ElSemi's SCSP sound chip emulator to the ST-V driver, but the sound and music only works properly in Shienryu.

- 23rd October 2003: Leon van Rooij sent in an update to the Windows Direct3D code, fixing a bug that caused a black screen in rotated ST-V games.

- 0.76: David Haywood, Olivier Galibert, Sthief and Angelo Salese made various ST-V and SH-2 improvements, shienryu is improved as are many other games but no more are really playable yet (although I have changed Shienryu to IMPERFECT_GFX instead of NOT_WORKING as it seems ok, just the sprites are black). Changed visible area to 704x480 in all games.

- 11th October 2003: Brian A. Troha added the European BIOS to the ST-V driver.

- 0.74u1: Olivier Galibert made various SH2 fixes improving Master/Slave support (this improves Shienryu on ST-V but its not yet playable due to incomplete ST-V emulation). Angelo Salese and David Haywood making further ST-V improvements.

- 0.74: David Haywood and Angelo Salese made more ST-V improvements.

- 0.73: David Haywood and Angelo Salese made many improvements to the ST-V emulation, resulting in Hanagumi Columns being playable and other games on the driver starting to show some graphics.

- 1st September 2003: David Haywood and Angelo Salese submitted a major improvement to the Sega ST-V driver with Hanagumi Taisen Columns - Sakura Wars fully playable, except it's missing sound.

- 0.72u2: Angelo Salese did various ST-V improvements, Hanagumi Columns shows a partial title screen (still disabled so you'll have to enable it yourself if you want to see).

- 24th August 2003: Angelo Salese sent in more improvements to the Sega ST-V driver, adding extended modes to the dynamic resolution change and improving the graphics emulation a little.

- 17th August 2003: Angelo Salese sent in an update to the Sega ST-V driver, improving IRQ support, VBLANK interrupts and basic DMA support.

- 25th July 2003: Angelo Salese fixed some things in the ST-V driver.

- 25th June 2003: Angelo Salese sent in a small update to the ST-V driver, adding color RAM emulation but it's not improved otherwise.

- 0.68: Added cpu1 BIOS rom to the

- 26th April 2003: David Haywood added a bunch of new ROM sets to the ST-V driver but none of them work.

- 0.65: Removed all ST-V games (Die Hard Arcade and clone Dynamite Deka).

- 10th December 2002: David Haywood mostly fixed the ROM loading in the Sega ST-V driver but it isn't otherwise improved.

- 5th December 2002: David Haywood sent in an extremely preliminary Sega ST-V driver that only loads the ROMs and runs the BIOS to some extent.

- 15th May 2002: Guru - Huge thanks to Malcolm McKay for a very nice loan of his wonderful STV cart collection including a main board and no less than 20 STV carts.