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0.33b7 [Frank Palazzolo]


- Lamps (Credit, Barrier, and 5 lamps for firing from the bases)

- Sound (all discrete and a 76477)

- Verify Color PROM resistor values (Last 8 colors)

- Verify Bar graph displays


- The composited monitor image is seen in a mirror. It appears to move when the player moves the handle, due to motors which tilt the mirror up and down, and the monitor left and right.

- There are also "3D" fire beams made of 120 green LED's which are on a mechanism in front of the mirror. Along with a single red "sight" LED. I am reading in the sequence ROMS and building up a character set to simulate the LEDS with conventional character graphics.

- There is a score display made of 7-segment LEDS, along with Credits, Barriers, and Rounds displays made of some other type of LED bar graphs. I'm displaying them the best I can on the bottom line of the screen.


- 0.33b7: Added stactics.c driver.