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0.57 [Luca Elia]


- All games: CRT controller (resolution+visible area+flip screen?)

- dynagear: Visible area may be incorrect

- hypreac2: Communication with other units tilemap sprites use the yoffset specified in the sprites-list? (see the 8 pixel gap between the backgrounds and the black rows)

- keithlcy: Backgrounds are offset by $20 pixels, so they're kludged to work; there is a x&y offsets in the sprite list but in a same frame there are sprite with yoffset = 0 and sprite with a yoffset = $7c but for all sprite the offset must be the same ($20).

- srmp4: Backgrounds are offset by $60 pixels, so they're kludged to work

- srmp7: Needs interrupts by the sound chip (not properly hooked up yet). Kludged to work.

- stmblade: There is a rogue "tilemap" sprite that pops up at level 2 and stays there till the end of the game (a piece of sky to the left of the screen). It seems that the x&y offsets in the sprite list should be apllied 1to it (-$200,-$200) to move it off screen. But currently those offsets are ignored for "tilemap" sprites. This may be related to the kludge for srmp4 and to the kludge for keithlcy.

- ultrax: Backgrounds are offset by $10 pixels, so they're kludged to work.


- Hardware: SSV was a joint venture between "S"ammy, "S"eta and "V"isco to produce a high quality 32-bit RISC-based hardware platform. The SSV main board contains all of the CPUs, RAM, custom ICs and sound chips. The lower PCB plugs into 4x 64-pin connectors and contains the game software and any additional game-specific connectors for controllers etc. The SSV games can be swapped by simply exchanging the lower (game) PCB onto any SSV main board. There is an older main board STA-0001 which is not compatible with _some_ of the newer games. The actual PCB will plug in, but the games will not boot up, instead displaying some kind of debug screen full of numbers. This is known to occur on Vasara and Vasara 2 but may occur with other games also. AFAIK, the actual PCBs look identical!


- srmp7: Often loses sync after a few hands. I think this may be related to sound IRQ callback from the sound chip, which is currently kludged to work in MAME. This game won't run with sound disabled, it hangs on the score totalling. It would appear that using a sample rate of 11025Hz allows it to record and playback correctly. Check this inp, should play through to the second opponent, losing on that first hand there. inp061ora

DIP/Input Bugs:

- hypreact, hypreac2, koikois2: Player 1 start mapped twice. inputduplication0106u7gra cpukett / Karasu


- 0.97u1: Changed V60 CPU1 clock speed to 16MHz.

- 0.96u3: Luca Elia added shadow effects to the SSV driver. Changed palettesize to 32768.

- 15th May 2005: Luca Elia - I finally got around to implementing proper shadows in ssv.c, replacing the hack that was there instead. The difference is most noticeable in Storm Blade. The way shadows work is this: The frame buffer is filled with 16 bit pens, that are indexes into the palette (i.e. the actual rgb colors), from the previously drawn, "normal" tiles. When a "shadowing" tile is drawn, it does not overwrite the contents of the frame buffer, but instead replaces the top bits of the pens there with the low bits of its pens. This results in a shift of the affected pixels from one section to another of the game's palette. The game has to just divide the palette into increasingly dark chunks of the same base colors. Some games do highlights this way, while Storm Blade again exploits the mechanism to cross-fade between graphics, which now works.

- 18th April 2004: Olivier Galibert emulated the DSP in the SSV system, which is used by Drift Out '94 and Twin Eagle 2. David Haywood fixed the sprite placement in Twin Eagle 2.

- 0.68: Changed V60 CPU1 clock speed to 1333333 Hz and palettesize to 33024 colors.

- 11th April 2003: Brian A. Troha did some minor fixes to the SSV driver, for example the CPU frequencies should now be correct.

- 14th January 2003: Brian A. Troha fixed some dipswitch settings in the SSV driver.

- 4th May 2002: Nicola Salmoria fixed the V60 CPU core bug which broke the SSV system games.

- 6th December 2001: Luca Elia added Pachinko Sexy Reaction to the SSV driver.

- 3rd December 2001: Luca Elia added Jan Jan Shimasyo to the SSV driver.

- 2nd December 2001: Luca Elia sent in a driver for SSV games, including Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy, Drift Out '94, Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryohrioh CooKing, Mahjong Hyper Reaction 2, Monster Slider and Survival Arts. Twin Eagle II, Mahjong Hyper Reaction, Super Real Mahjong PIV and Super Real Mahjong P7 don't work due to V60 CPU core bugs.