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Super Speed Race

0.76u1 [Stefan Jokisch]


* Add sound/samples (Monaco GP samples?)


- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 59.390000 Hz.

- 0.113: Derrick Renaud changed Super Speed Race to IPT_POSITIONAL with PORT_REMAP_TABLE controls for gas and steering fixing both.

- 0.107u4: Aaron Giles added built-in layouts for Turbo, Subroc 3D, Buck Rogers, Atari Football, Atari Baseball and Super Speed Racer using the new primitives.

- 0.106u10: Aaron Giles updated Super Speed Race to support the new artwork system.

- 25th October 2003: Stefan Jokisch sent in a driver for Super Speed Race.

Category: F1

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Romset: 10 kb / 5 files / 5.07 zip